Daphne & Celeste - Save the World

It's a shame that Daphne and Celeste were not included in the line-up for the Big Reunion. They would have caused havoc.
I really don't like the song at all which is a shame because I was so excited when I saw the thread title. I've always wondered what became of these girls. It just sounds so boring and joyless.
I bought the vinyl, my first ever. I don't have a vinyl player, but I feel compelled to have a physical copy of this track. I'm balls deep into my dissertation and my hamster just died, and this song is the only thing keeping me chipper. Its release has become something of a #moment for me.
Yep. I'm buying this.

Loving the fact that they're back and that it's not with some kind of novelty rap track (which they were already releasing at the beginning of their "career" anyway). I think it's really interesting.
Mine has been dispatched! Very excited. Haven't ordered a 7" in a while, but this is so worth it. Loving the track a lot already.
Mine arrived Wednesday while I was away, which is ridiculously fast. I'll put it with the rest of my items in my shrine, uh I mean collection.