Daphne & Celeste - Save the World


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1. Save The World
2. Sunny Day
3. BB
4. Alto
5. 16 Stars
6. Paint Can
7. You and I Alone
8. Alarms
9. Taking Notes
10. Golden Doldrum
11. Song To A Succulent
12. Whatever Happened To Yazz?
13. Kandy Korn


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You get BB when you pre-order... going for that ridiculous bundle!
I feel like they must be taking the piss with the excessive preorder bundles? Are there really that many hardcore D&C fans around to profit from?

Looking forward to this, very curious.
Each time I turn to that show
There's a basic busker on the radio

Brilliantly ruthless - a "Hoxton Heroes" for the post-Sheeran landscape. Aside from that, the track (as with "You and I Alone") is a perfect marriage of Daphne & Celeste's pop sensibilities with the stream-of-consciousness electronics of Max Tundra. This isn't far removed from what Charli XCX and PC Music have been doing, actually. Bring on the album!
I feel like it's going to be a very special album. I've always wondered why Max Tundra isn't more prolific in pop. I remember him wanting to work with Zayn at some point pre-debut.
they / them
I probably didn't need one of the more expensive bundles, but to hell with it, that's what I ordered. Slightly irked there was no single bundle to get everything I wanted*, but that's not going to spoil my excitement one bit!

*That's probably not true - the 'everything' £50+ one probably did, but I can't justify that even on a good day.
Not 100% sure about either of the songs, but I adore that artwork so much. Bit of a shame the pink record doesn’t come with the ice cream sleeve too.
I still think modern D&C should sound more like Icona Pop than this whole got high and watched Scott Pilgrim and recorded in our bathroom at 4am vibe they've gone for but I'll buy one of their ridiculous bundles.