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Daphne & Celeste - Save the World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ArronJustMight, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Low key I can't believe that they're from the US. Everything about them is so UK/Europe.
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  2. I was just watching an interview from 2000 where Celeste outed H from Steps. Iconic

    Interviewer: "Who do you fancy the most from Steps?"
    Daphne: "H"
    Celeste: "I don't think you're his type"
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    They deserve their own retrospective documentary, let's be honest here.
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  4. Me too! I was talking about this on Twitter the other day. Everyone mentions the Reading set where they had to abandon their set because it was getting dangerous but if you were at Leeds you will have seen them survive for the full thing. Quite a feat! They were so great. The signing queue after was enormous!
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  5. What was the reason behind all the bottle throwing? Did they do/say something around that time which pissed people off? Or was it really just because of their childish-pop songs not really being the best fit for Reading?
  6. Pop was not the best fit for Reading at the time. I kinda live for it though, they didn't give up and probably pissed the crowd off even more by not giving a fuck & carrying on.
  7. There was also this hilarious build up to the festival. They basically got on the setlist because they kept telling people they were playing Reading and this rumour kept building all the way through 2000 until the organisers basically had to say yes. I might dig out my old Melody Makers because it was reported heavy.

    I knew them being at Reading/Leeds was odd but I've just found the setlist for that year and they could not have been more out of place. I mean, they were on the same day as Slipknot. I think they actually played the slot between A and Blink 182.
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  8. The fact that they're the only act billed on the entire lineup with a "plus" before their name is white male privilege
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  9. The true spirit of rock and roll. Arctic Monkeys who?

    Who else is seething at the distinct lack of female (or female-fronted) acts on that lineup? The only one aside from Daphne & Celeste that I can identify on the main stage bill
    is Elastica! And my brothers wondered why I wouldn’t warm to their credible, serious indie/rock idols...
  10. 'Back in the day' there were rumours they were actually from London and putting on fake Yankee accents. Oh I loved them. Their presence in pop music was a wondefully baleful thing. They hated 5ive, which impressed me, and bullied Richie who completely deserved it. Their MTV Christmas Special (not on YouTube it seems) was glorious, culminating in them beating up a man dressed in a turkey costume while they were dressed as a fairy princess and an elf. Their hate anthems and spiteful lyrics were wrapped up in effete packaging. I wish we had more groups like Daphne and Celeste/Shampoo. Yes, Shampoo will always remain legendary too. They had everything: the look, the songs, the attitude, the lack of media training. Both duos were always getting cracking reviews in Melody Maker too.
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  11. In Year 5 I used to tell people I'd been scouted as a choreographer and would have groups of girls in the playground doing my made up routines to Daphne & Celeste and [email protected] On the last day of term before one of the summer holidays I said I wouldn't be back because I was going on tour with Steps and Daphne & Celeste. And that's gay culture.
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  12. Elastica had to pull out of Leeds so we didn't even get them! Although Cay, The Delgados, Boss Hog and Ooberman (sometimes) also had female front singers. It's not much better once you leave the main stage - Black Box Recorder, Lauren Laverne, Bellatrix, Laika, Brassy, The Wannadies, Queen Adreena, Dot Allison...and not many others. The real scandal here is that the male/female ratio at Reading/Leeds is no better 17 years after this line-up!
  13. They were great in that interview, though it's a difficult watch. The interviewers were being incredibly condescending (and not in the funny Popworld kind of way) and disturbingly inappropriate. I mean, laughing amongst themselves talking about Daphne's "big gash"?! Regardless, D&C came out looking like the winners because they were far more self aware than the interviewers could have ever imagined.
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  14. Quite right. We got Schools Out! HAVE THAT, THE SOUTH. I've a memory of standing looking around at the biggest crowd I'd ever seen, enjoying a floating superiority of looking at hundreds of people in Blink 182 and Slipknot hoodies who didn't see the irony in their vocal dislike for constructed pop. (I'm still enjoying that superiority.)

    Fuck I felt old when explaining this to someone the other day, though. They didn't understand why a crowd at Reading would be against pop music. "It was different back then."
  15. Sounds like such a fun time. I'd have loved to have been present at such an iconic moment.
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  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I think I still know the routine to Ooh Stick You! that they did on Top of the Pops, so if they need backing dancers...
  17. I think BB is not on Apple Music?
  18. Edu


    Rock legend Daphne was really killing the choreography. Queen.
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  19. Every time I think that this was nearly 18 years ago it makes me feel ancient. On the upside, I am the same age as one of Daphne and Celeste (I cant remember which!) and they still appear to be ever youthful.

    I'm still gutted that I missed out on a five-pointer on Only Connect because I didn't recognise Daphne and Celeste's surnames.
  20. When was that? What were the other two clues?
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