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Darren Hayes - Homosexual (5th album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mrp2910, Jan 17, 2022.

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    That was very heavy for morning tv but so refreshing as well. He didn't really spruik the tour very much but came across so well.
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  2. Darren wrote his own op-ed for Hufifngton Post:

    (Good chance this is probably paywalled but I’m sure someone will post it in full eventually)
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  3. FB_IMG_1656958828816.jpg

    New venues added.
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    Just got an email with information regarding the VIP Package. They have outlined how the photograph will work - it's similar to Steps set up by the sound of things. Atleast they are being transparent which I appreciate.

  5. Seems to be doesn't it. However I like the fact it says will be edited so hopefully they will take a couple and then make the best option.

    Because I know I'll have my eyes closed in 97.8% of photos taken of me.
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  6. This is incredible. Louis La Roche is ace.
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  7. Has there been any updates in his Insta live streams about the new album and it’s release date? Or the vinyl release of his old material?
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    He said he had listened to a test pressing of the new album on Vinyl a few weeks ago on his insta live but gave no clue as to a release date or info on any re-issues.
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  9. I'm sure I saw a facebook or insta post saying its coming sooner than you think but I can't find it now.
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    After waiting 11 years, I suppose sometime in the next 8 months is ... "Sooner than you think". I think he posted that when teasing the first single actually.
  11. Louis La Roche remix of Do You Remember is coming next week, and the next single from the album comes mid-August.

  12. I seriously cannot wait to see Darren live for the first time in February. Poison Blood is such a poignant and powerful song - it means a lot to see someone with his sort of a platform speaking so openly/vulnerably about mental health struggles.
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    I'm really confused. Why does he keep. Banging on about this remix that is coming out soon on his stories etc.... When it's been available for like a week ? Is it a case of yet another error like the 12" Poison Blood mix, which I'm not sure he knows is up as he hasn't acknowledged yet. Tom Aspaul had a similar issue with the third single off his record being released early too.

  14. He is promoting the Do you remember mix which isn't out yet.

    And he mentioned the extended poison blood here.
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    Ahhh ok thank you- the same artwork confused me. As for the Poison Blood mixes, he usually heavily posts about them so I'm surprised he hasn't been pushing it except for in a Huffington Post article.
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  16. I do think the Poison Blood mix went up at the wrong time hence just the one post on twitter.

    Sorry just realised I linked the wrong tweet (I'd been to watch Abba voyage and was clearly drunk).

    Have to admit not a fan of the Let's try being in love mix.
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  17. Just looking at the single release schedule so far, with January, March and June, I’m hoping an album around October…?
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  18. What was the secret message?
  19. Darren is posting pics that I am guessing is the album cover

    3 pictures in and it's clearly "pretty things". Could be something something pretty things but guessing will find out soon.

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