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Darren Hayes - Homosexual

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mrp2910, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. So is something happening? I've not had the email (rude)

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  2. He's been doing loads of Instagram Lives recently too. There's definitely a project coming.

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  3. I'm just hoping it's music aligned.
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  5. jtm


    That font looks deliciously eighties!
  6. It's happening. Finally!
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  7. I can’t even right now, this feels so surreal. I had fully accepted that he’d given up on music forever.

    I desperately hope this coincides with some vinyl reissues of his solo and SG work.
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  8. jtm


    I think realistically it will be hard for whatever this is to become a commercial success like a top 10 album (and hopefully he has adjusted expectations like that) but on the other hand for an artist like him I feel like it‘s always beneficial to have a new release from time to time and a small tour to keep the core fanbase active. It also revives interest in the back catalogue if he is more active and visible, even if it doesn‘t translate into sales for his new stuff directly.
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  9. I don't think he'll be aiming for a Savage Garden type of era / success. It'll be more of a Bright Light Bright Light or Will Young X BMG type of campaign surely?
  10. Low expectations: didn't he say that reissues of SG and his first 2 solo albums are coming, starting from 2022 ? So, can we expect a SG reunion tour on the way (the official site says "touring news")? He can def release some new music while/after promoting SG debut reissue.
    High expectations: a proper new album with proper singles and videos and a solo tour
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  11. LPT


    If even.

    I really really hope he has adjusted his expectations for whatever he plans on releasing. The lack of commercial success really crippled him from This Delicate Thing onwards. I am beside myself with this news, I honestly didn't think this day would come.
  12. jtm


    I just don‘t want him to think it‘s a failure if it‘s not a big hit and then go away for another ten years. I really need a great Darren tune from time to time even if it‘s below the radar.
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  13. LPT


    Exactly. I mean we have lots of artists who we all adore that had astronomical success and now when I mention them to anyone I always get a quizzical "who?" Or "are they still around'' response from people. As long as they are just active and releasing new music we should consider ourselves blessed.

    As for Savage Garden re-uniting? That's the most unlikely thing to ever happen. The fans need to accept that and move on.
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  14. Very late to the party. Yet it's only now that I have really stated to be into Savage Garden and Darren Hayes.
    I have completed Savage Garden's discography. And have 3 LP's of Darren's to go.
    If he is releasing new music, this newbie is already game!
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  15. I only just got back into these this week

    So good - ready for new music!
  16. He’s just popped a teaser on Instagram with a pre-save link.

    “Let’s Try Being In Love”.

    Looks and sounds deliciously 80’s.
  17. Haha you beat me to it! The short snippet sounds amazing! Come and save 2022 Mr Hayes!
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    It’s a shame he blanked his Instagram feed for this new era, though… I’m going to miss all the dog posts!
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