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Darren Hayes - Homosexual

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mrp2910, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Actually really looking forward to this.
    And I suffer from mental health issues so it would be really nice to hear these themes in a song with his voice.
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  2. Poison Blood is gorgeous. I love the slightly unsettling instrumental.

    We’re three singles in now, surely we’ll be getting an album date soon?
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  3. This I love.
  4. How stunning is Poison Blood?
    I love it. That instrumental and vocals.
    Great lyrics too.
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  5. Poison Blood is the best of the three but the chorus melody does feel... off (though I know it is an intentionally "unique" riff).
  6. I feel so gutted, I love Darren and pretty much everything he puts out but not one of these singles has stuck with me. I think my main issue is with the production, to these ears they sound budget/bedroom produced. Sigh.
  7. I know, I’m the same. I’ve just listened to Poison Blood and just like Let’s Try Being In Love, the vocal and production is not pleasant.
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  9. Great single cover!
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  10. jtm


    Tour announcement:

    21st March Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

    22nd March Brighton Dome

    24th March Cardiff St David’s Hall

    25th March Oxford New Theatre

    26th March Birmingham Symphony Hall

    28th March London Palladium

    29th March Southend Cliffs Pavilion

    31st March Glasgow SEC Armadillo

    1st April Newcastle O2 City Hall

    2nd April Manchester Bridgewater Hall

    Fan presale starts Wednesday.
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  11. Woo just booked tickets for the London gig. Can’t wait to see him live again finally!
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  12. His fan presale seems to have sold out in 4 minutes. I couldn’t event get a London M&G, WTF!
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  13. I was about to say either all presale sold out or a fault.

    I managed to get a Manchester M&G.
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  14. NEED a pic with DH and @LPT in the loos pls
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  15. LPT


    I was full of despair when the Aussie tour was announced knowing that the tour started mere days after I leave Sydney not knowing if a Euro/UK tour was possible. But I am on the floor in a pool of poisoned blood crying and shaking: I snagged M&G for Newcastle and normal seats for Oxford.

    @Vasilios you are terrible Muriel! For those who have read this whole thread (or is it the Battle Ships thread?) will know of my dalliance with Darren when I was in the throws of active addiction. It was at the Basement in Sydney just before the release of This DelicateThing, he was doing shows to test the water and it was very very intimate. I went to the toilet and this guy tapped me on the shoulder and was like "excuse me are you with the band?" And I was at the pissoir mid urination with my winky out. I replied "No, no I'm not" to which this obnoxious man said "well you shouldn't be using this toilet... This is for the BAND". Well, I swirled around and there was Mr Hayes himself. I was livid once I realised who it was and ripped into him reminding him that he was dropped and no longer on a major label and it was fans like myself that supported him and he should get a grip and be grateful anyone turned up and to be more humble - or something to that effect.. I'm still mortified but have made my peace with it. I lost my contract two years later so karma I guess.
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  16. Nn you didn’t tell me the whole story scream

  17. More vip tomorrow.
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  18. jtm


    Before the new songs I would have bought a VIP ticket in a heartbeat but now I‘m kind of struggling to find the motivation to even get a regular ticket. Darren hunny release a bop or two.
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