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Darren Hayes - Homosexual

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mrp2910, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. LPT


    It has some added choir vocals during a fleshed out bridge which is heavenly.

    I can only assume this was released in error ?
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  2. Oooh nice.

    It's on my Spotify now too with the Holy water mix.

    I get what you mean. I can't stand Do you remember but 25 years of hits. It's going to be glorious.
  3. LPT


    He just gave me a shout out on his insta live and said my husband and I are a cute couple and that he loves watching us. I'm dead. He also watched my stories of me slaughtering Bloodstained Heart. I can't believe he acknowledged me. Sorry for fangirling... what a day.
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  4. Looks like Manchester fully sold out already.
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  5. How is this harder to get VIP tickets for than Britney, Spice Girls, etc? I will NOT seat anywhere other than the first 3-5 rows. The Palladium seemed way too small to begin with? Will he upgrade?
  6. Two tickets for Southend - haven't seen him since the Light + Dark tour so I'm very excited to hear him live again.
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  7. LPT


    No shade intended but I am honestly surprised at the interest in these shows.
  8. The power Truly Madly Deeply has over the general public must never be underestimated.
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  9. Finally managed to get decent seats for Manchester. God I hate ticket stress so much. The ever familiar cycle of:

    No tickets available > wait 15 minutes for people's baskets to start emptying > crap seats available only, is that ok? > No, I'll hold out > SHIT TWO STALLS SEATS AVAILABLE BUY BUY BUY > WTF is my log in?! *weeps* > purchases tickets, goes for a lie down.
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    It's the visa verification or PayPal verification that does it for me.
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  11. My panic yesterday was that my log in for gigsandtours was registered to my old address so had to try and change address.
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  12. Again, a great 12" from Poison Blood. I'm not a fan of long remixes. But these are more like a work of art. Nicely done Darren.
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  13. Wait, so you’re saying if you don’t get tickets within the first 5 rows you just refuse to go to a gig?
  14. jtm


    I caved and got London tickets. Looks almost sold out.
  15. If I still lived in London, I’d be a bit less demanding but if I’m going through the effort of travelling from Spain just for a gig, then absolutely; same as I wouldn’t waste a second going to The O2 to seat in the upper tier.
    Settled for a VIP ticket in row 10 in the end, oh well.
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  16. LPT


    I'm flying in from Dublin. He hasn't toured for over a decade. I'm in row V and I will love every minute of it!
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  17. How much hate will I get for saying I'm Row A centre stalls for Manchester?

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  18. Got two VIP tickets for Southend for me and Mum. We have been fans of his since the nineties so it will be a religious experience for both of us. I'm hoping I get mum in our family secret Santa coz two birds one stone.
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  19. My tickets have arrived this morning!
  20. jtm


    BBC interview:

    Off to buy a VIP ticket now ddd
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