Darren Hayes - Homosexual

This is going to be epic. Hopefully the vinyl won’t be as limited as Secret Codes so I can get one before they’re sold out. I’m wishing vinyl pressings of all of his albums into existence. No clear, splatter, or otherwise; just 180g and a nice clean cut please. Just imagine.

He is one of the only artists where I pretty much own everything. Some of those collector editions are fine!
He says he BACK!

That means a second video is ready to go, an album and tour. The new video is very queer and is influenced by Call Me By Your name the book and he has been sending us subliminal messages for a wile now about this project!

Edit: one of the outfits he wears in the new video is from the "banned" Insatiable video
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I am born on the same day as Darren (May 8) therefore he was always someone I related to. And now this video. Totally relating to the story and in love with it. It's so mature and fun at the same time.

By the way he is now doing a IG live now (he is looking fantastic, wow) and he confirmed a second single (so I want to believe more music is on its way).

Edit: Yas. He said 'I was gone and now I am back so more music is coming'.
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