Darren Hayes - Homosexual

Getting use to him singing in his high voice takes a bit getting used to. But this song is definitely a grower, so bear with it and enjoy!
I love him and so far I loved each and every one of his albums, so I was really excited when I heard of his comeback. I am glad to see that he is well and releasing new music <3
Sadly, the new song doesn't do much for me. I still like his voice and don't mind the high voice - but the lyrics are a bit of a let down and it's quite repetitive. But, as others have already stated, his first singles never were the best songs of the album...so I still look forward to the new album.
Experiencing same feelings as most of you. A bit of a let down is my primary feeling and I've loved everything he's done. Then again, Talk Talk Talk was underwhelming considering the monster singles Black Out the Sun and Bloodstained Heart and beautiful album that came after it..


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I‘m also not 100% sold but then again it fits with his brand of the first single being a bit out there / weird (Popular, On the Verge of Something Wonderful, Talk Talk Talk).
On The Verge of Something Wonderful was positively mainstream compared to the rest of its parent album ddd.

This is definitely more akin to Insatiable in terms of his vocal style even though it’s very different in terms of instrumentation and tempo.
I don't know how to feel about Let's Try Being In Love, which randomly started playing this morning and I had to stop what I was doing and sit down when I heard his voice! The song, however...
So i decided to try my hand at a remix of the single - I totally created a new backing track from scratch and gave it a 90s house piano feel and some further electro synths. I hope you like it. The track has really been on constant rotation for me....

I don't like the new song, too many high notes which can be jarring, but so glad to see him back. He deserves a proper comeback and album. When he has the right song and sound he shines.

He deserves more credit as an artist!
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