Darren Hayes - Homosexual

You can see it here at the very end of the 3 hours, but might need a VPN to watch it outside of Australia.

Darren did 'The Animal Song', 'I Want You, 'Let's Try Being In Love' and 'Affirmation'.


Shame no other solo songs appeared but guess it is linked to the 25th anniversary of Savage Garden.
I am not sure why so many of you are complaining about this vocals on LTBIL. His falsetto has been very present throughout his career. It's paramount to his sound. I Knew I Loved You, The Animal Song, You Can Still Be Free, Insatiable, Bloodstained Heart, Black Out The Sun, etc, etc.
For me, I find the vocals don't gel with the instrumentation at all. I know nothing about production but the whole song is so jarring and almost unpleasant to listen to. The melody and vocals sound nice but muddled by the whole package when it comes together.

Same as @maverick_79, I'm a huge fan, but this song has thrown me off completely.
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He is looking and sounding amazing.

Just imagine what a Darren 'Best Of' could look like. Boppage!

1 New Track: No More Tears On The Dancefloor
2 Talk Talk Talk
3 Pop!ular
4 Crush
5 Me, Myself & I
6 Strange Relationship
7 On The Verge Of Something Wonderful
8 I Miss You
9 So Beautiful
10 Bloodstained Heart
11 Darkness
12 Insatiable
13 Casey
14 Angel
15 Who Would Have Thought
16 New Track
17 New Track