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Darren Hayes - Homosexual

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mrp2910, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. A hit song by an artist going down well in their concert, wow!!

    Jokes aside, what I meant is that Insatiable really wasn't the song he needed to launch a solo career with a bang. Surely it was a hit as the label pulled all the strings, radio played it and the stores stocked it, but it just wasn't his Crazy In Love, his Like I Love U or even his whatever Rob Thomas hit that was. It didn't set him up or the album. That is all. Of course when he plays it for his 600 gays there'll be a great reception, that's a given.

    Anyway woo that's a lot if energy for a song I don't like dd.
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  2. That clip of Do You Remember is throwing me off a bit, as it gives the same vibes what happened to Bright Light Bright Light after his first two gorceous albums. Hopefully he delivers in albums as somebody mentioned.
  3. I'm not feeling Do You Remember as much as its predecessor. It's a bit more 90's and has some quite random changes throughout. It does give me self indulgent 90's remixes though and I'm always here for those!
  4. Insatiable is such a beautiful song, and his only solo material I hear on the radio. Popular is just a song that never should’ve happened.
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  5. New song sounds like a remix more than anything. Perplexed.
  6. Oh I’m here for all of this.
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  7. After a first listen I'm not feeling Do you remember.

    It's one of those more left field album tracks that Darren does from time time, that for me work more in the context of the album.

    Reminds me of We are smug in places.

    Edit - hold up why are the last 2 minutes sublime. That's the Darren I love.
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  8. 'Spin' did not have a lead single, to be honest. There was not a viable option in the whole album to make the whole clash-bang of breaking through as a solo artist. I agree with Vas in a way that 'Insatiable' did not set up the tone for a long-run solo career since the whole sexy downtempo schtick is not Darren's strongest suit and the song itself sounds like a 5th single with a tour video.

    I'd have gone with:

    1. I Miss You (Radio Edit).
    2. Heart Attack (Beefed up single mix).
    3. Crush (Add some bass please single mix).
    4. Strange Relationship (Single Mix).
  9. Much better yes.

    Someone obviously thought Insatiable was a Careless Whisper but it really wasn’t.
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  10. They obviously wanted to mimick George Michael's trayectory but did not have the songs to back it up. Plus 'Careless Whisper' also has that iconic sax solo that enamoured the mainstream.
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  11. Also George sold the fuck out of the sad stud guilty feet lovers fantasy.
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  12. LPT


    The song lengths of these tracks are giving me life. Lemme go immerse myself in Darren's world.

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  13. Ezz


    It took a couple of listens, but the lyrics about the 1990s in the verse/ refrain about 2 minutes in hooked me in! I have a feeling the whole album will be epic on the scale of This Delicate Thing We've made.
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  14. jtm


    The production is again a choice but at least this time the vocals are working better with it.

    We‘re getting We Are Smug 2, aren‘t we.
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  15. I love this.

    The outros this man is producing! People don't do outros anymore.

    I think what's putting people of is the self mastered vocals. I don't know why but artists that produce their own vocals tend to foreground them a little too much. That, plus the lack of reverb and melodyne and it can be a tad jarring to the untrained ear.

    Luckily for me, I got into Darren with This Delicate Thing We Made and Me Myself and I was one of the first songs I heard of his.
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  16. I Miss You as his first ever solo single? In some planet where it held a candle to Truly Madly Deeply or I Knew I Loved You maybe, but it's just pleasant filler to these ears. They made the right choice.
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  17. That's the problem with the song - its forefront vocal.
  18. Same. I love that he is writing about his first time with a man as he did on 'Chained To You' ('dancing to Madonna then you kissed me...') and this time he's using the sounds of a 90s club to evoke... a 90s club. It all works for me and it's definitely more 'This Delicate Thing We've Made' than the radio-friendly sheen of 'Secret Codes And Battleships'.

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  19. 42326C31-7478-4E8F-A64C-96700016CDA8.png

    Great to see him tackling internalised homophobia in others.
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  20. I love Darren Hayes. Boy is not holding back. Get him!
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