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Darren Hayes - Secret Codes and Battle Ships

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by LPT, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. LPT


    Thought I'd start this thread as the 'general discussion' and various single release threads weren't an appropriate place to discuss this upcoming masterpiece!

    Out on the 17th October in the UK and on the 21st October for the rest of the world

    Standard Ed. tracklisting
    1. "Taken By the Sea"
    2. "Don't Give Up"
    3. "Nearly Love"
    4. "Black Out the Sun"
    5. "Talk Talk Talk"
    6. "Bloodstained Heart"
    7. "God Walking Into the Room"
    8. "Hurt"
    9. "Roses"
    10. "Stupid Mistake"
    11. "Cruel Cruel World"
    12. "The Siren's Call"

    Deluxe Ed. Bonus tracks

    1. "Explode"
    2. "Perfect"
    3. "Tiny Little Flashlights"
    4. "Nothing"
    5. "Glorious"
    6. "Talk Talk Talk" (Live in the Attic)
    7. "Black Out the Sun" (Live in the Attic)

    and finally, Limited Collectors Ed. bonus tracks

    1. "Explode"
    2. "Perfect"
    3. "Tiny Little Flashlights"
    4. "Wrecking Ball"
    5. "Nothing"
    6. "Glorious"
    7. "Talk Talk Talk" (Live in the Attic)
    8. "Black Out the Sun" (Live in the Attic)
    9. "The Sweetest Lullaby" (Demo)
    10. "Hurt" (Demo)
    11. "Stupid Mistake" (Demo)
    12. "Perfect" (Demo)

    Here is an official album preview video :

  2. I can't believe he doesn't get more attention on here. Anxiously waiting for my collectors edition to arrive.
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  3. pdf


    Agreed. Black Out The Sun is epic...... and his cover of Angel made me think, oh that's actually quite a good song.
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  4. Talk Talk Talk & Black Out the Sun are boring a bit.
    Bloodstained Heart though is amazing. I'm curious about the album even though I'm sure he will not top This Delicate Thing.
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  6. ros


    Looking forward to this release!
  7. I didn't think much of Talk Talk Talk but Black Out The Sun and Bloodstained Heart are both brilliant, especially Black Out The Sun. That is my favourite solo song from Darren hayes now, it is just so epic and emotional. Really can't wait for the album to come out and when he does his next tour. I wish he got more attention, definately one of the best male vocalists out there. He needs to do some promo in the UK ASAP.
  8. jtm


    Still two weeks right? Need to have this now.
  9. LPT


    ten days to go for you guys i the UK!

    I was hoping there would be a b side on the black out the sun single.... shame there isn't.

    I can't believe that we are getting 10 new tunes on the limited ed. ! Very exciting!
  10. LPT


    The album has been pushed back a week due to manufacturing issues . He's giving away free remix of Bloodstained Heart to tide us over though. Nice fella!

    We are sorry to let you all know that there have been delays manufacturing the special edition of the album in the UK The special edition packaging and booklet is so detailed that it is taking some extra time being made, unfortunately this is something beyond our control. As most fans have pre-ordered the special edition it means we have had to move the Uk release date back a few days to ensure every fan gets their album and music delivered to them on the same day - the new release date of SECRET CODES AND BATTLESHIPS in the UK is 24th October. Pls note the new release date might not show on retailers websites straight away.

    We must apologise to everyone, but please know this is only because we are trying to deliver you the best possible product we know how.

    To give you something to keep you going until 24th October, we want to offer you all a free track to download. It’s a brand new mix of the album track ‘Bloodstained Heart’ by the very cool DJ Monsieur Adi. Here is the link for you to download now: HERE

    If you have pre-ordered the standard or special edition album, don't worry, there is nothing you need to do, you will just get this from 24th October now. If you ordered the lovely Collectors Edition, your digital version will now be delivered on the 24th and your gorgeous CD/Vinyl will ship still on 28th October as was expected.

    Thank you everyone for your support and patience, we can’t wait to get this record to you!
  11. I can't get onto the main page of his site to download that track. It's just a graphic floating around.
  12. Try his Facebook page
  13. jtm


    It's a bit sad Black Out The Sun didn't chart. But I've not given up hope for the album just yet.
  14. I want the album, now.

    All the Darren hayes albums since Tension and the Spark have been released in defining moments and meant a great deal.

    Looks like this won't be any different. I cannot see this not being the album of the year.
  15. LPT


    It's out tomorrow in OZ! tic toc tic toc!
  16. Technically with time difference isn't it due out in about 6 hours?
  17. Should hit iTunes in 3ish hours if my time differences are correct.

    This is, so far as I'm aware, the last of my most anticipated albums of the year. Seeing as we got Florence today and Nicolas has been out a couple of weeks. I hope it's as good as both of those, then add a few others to the mix and this year will have been an awesome year for pop.
  18. Dispatch email received from HMV
  19. I've received mine too! I've been making sure I've kept away from the Darren Hayes threads for a while, so I can get this album and listen to it and build my own thoughts on it. I just can't wait for this to be in my hands. Hope it arrives tomorrow!!
  20. jtm


    I get up 10 minutes early tomorrow so I can download it from iTunes and then listen to it on my way to work.
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