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Darren Hayes - Secret Codes and Battleships

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. The second single from Darren's forthcoming album 'Secret Codes and Battleships' gets its premiere on Ken Bruce's show on Radio 2 tomorrow morning.

    It's a pretty fantastic song - feels like a classic Darren ballad only a bit darker. It sounds right in this post-Adele climate of the charts. He played the video at his listening party on Saturday and it's a lot easier on the eyes than 'Talk Talk Talk' - kind of reminded me of Madonna's 'Frozen'.

    While the rest of the world get 'Black out the sun', Australia get 'Bloodstained heart' instead which is currently being played on promos for The X Factor over there/
  2. jtm


    Very much looking forward to tomorrow then.
  3. Looking forward to tomorrow.....
  4. I hope it's better than Talk Talk Talk.
  5. Did the lead single chart?
  6. I Thought TTT was a pure pop gem!
  7. It's very different to 'Talk Talk Talk'. TTT is kind of the 'Pop!ular' of this album in that it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the songs on it. it's grown on me a lot but 'Black out the sun' is typical Darren. He said on Saturday that this song was the very first melody he wrote when he was about 12.

    And he looks hot in the video... which is obviously important.
  8. Just heard Black Out The Sun on Radio 2, and I love it. It wouldn't sound out of place towards the later half of Savage Garden's Affirmation.
  9. jtm


    That's a good thing, because the second half of Affirmation is one amazing song after the other.
  10. ROC


    <<Agreed. Where can I hear this? Desperate!
  11. Bollocks. I missed it! Had the radio on as well... but I was asleep. There goes my theory that I'm clever enough to wake up when Darren is on the radio.
  12. jtm


    Wow. It's gorgeous.

    I love how I recognize parts of the lyrics in every song because of this game on his website.
  13. jtm


    So after listening to it three times - now that's a hit. And they are not doing on-air-on-sale which is great.
  14. Sounds really good. So Darren.
  15. Can't stop listening to it. Oh dear.
  16. Wow, what a great song.
  17. Wow, that's a great song. I need it on my iPod immediately though. How will I last until October 2nd?!

    Steve x
  18. jtm


  19. I'm thinking October 2nd will be a physical release or digital bundles. Like Talk talk talk I'm assuming it will appear on itunes sooner than that.
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