Darren Hayes

I don't know if it will be the first 100 or a random 100. Hope it is the first as I'm pretty sure I was one of the first to order it.
I am so looking forward to this album. I am seriously considering deleting 'Talk..' 'Bloodstained Heart' and 'Black out the Sun' singles from my ipod and iTunes just so I don't get sick of playing them to death before the album hits, however I can't quite bring myself to do it...yet.
CatastropheBoy said:
Looking forward to this album, his last two have been really enjoyable. Was reading that he wrote a set of songs for Dannii Minogue not too long ago, wonder if she ever got them.

Intiguing... where'd you read that?
I'm rubbish at these type of things but here goes, this isn't in the correct order also.

Spoilers if you don't want to know:

Started with a new track. (think it was the sea one)
Talk talk talk.
To the moon and back.
Bloodstained heart.

Those are definitely in the right order then there was

Break me shake me (mixed with Billie Jean)
The animal song
Hot tub blues
I don't know you anymore.
Popular (mixed with when will I be famous)
So beautiful
Black out the sun
Strange relationship
Crush (1980 me)
I want you/spin (with last night a dj saved my life)
Truly madly deeply

And a few new songs.
cleggar said:
Nice to see Crush and a We Are Smug song. Did he not do any Delicate tracks?

I nearly orgasmed when he did crush.

That would be my only criticism. 1 song from tension and none from delicate.
He has a habit of always neglecting his most recent album when he tours but this is quite extreme. Delicate is amazing. Also gutted at no 'Darkness' and 'Unlovable' but some of the songs he's doing make up for it I guess. 'I don't know you anymore' will do me in on Wednesday. This is the actual setlist:

1. Taken by the sea
2. Talk talk talk
3. To the moon and back
4. insatiable
5. Bloodstained heart
6. strange relationship
7. the animal song
8. break me shake me
9. Black out the sun
10. stupid mistake
11. popular
12. hot tub blues
13. I don’t know you anymore
14. affirmation
15. so beautiful
16. crush / spin
17. I want you
18. truly madly deeply
19. siren’s call
I'm not going to the tour by Me Myself and I is one of my favourite songs, let alone Darren songs, so if he didn't do that I would be completely gutted.

Nice to see Break Me Shake Me There as well though.

Was it just him and his band or was it a production? Any pictures doing the rounds?
It was pretty much just him and a band except for
Hot tub blues
I dont know you anymore

Which had a little story element to it.

Dang that man can sing!

I didn't really take any pics as even though was only the equivalent of being 5 rows back I can never get good pics with my iPhone. Did see some people with full on cameras though so imagine will be pictures soon.
cleggar said:
Nice to see Break Me Shake Me There as well though.

'Break Me Shake Me' was mashed up with 'Billie Jean' which worked remarkably well. It was a really good show, if a little self indulgent at times ('Hot Tub Blues' was ridiculous!), but it was really a show for the sake of a show masquerading as new album premiering so I kind of expected it. Great to hear some of his old stuff though, and he's as brilliant a showman as ever.

Loved when he was trying to get the crowd to clap in time to 'The Animal Song' but crowd mentality meant they kept speeding up and in the end he went, "Fuck it, let's just play the song." Brilliant. '2 Beds and a Coffee Machine' was stunning too.

I also spotted his husband Richard in the sound booth bit looking proud. Very cute.
Amazing show last night. I was a bit bemused by the complete lack of anything from 'Delicate' and the sole track from 'Tension' but he won the crowd over. Not sure I really needed to hear 'Insatiable', but the appearance of a We Are Smug track was a welcome surprise! The new tracks all sound amazing and I was really surprised at how many Savage Garden songs he did. 'The Animal Song' and 'Affirmation' were AWESOME. I've got some pictures which I'll try to put up, although I was pretty far back in the crowd! Me and my friend turned up really late - didn't expect it to be as heaving as it was!
The show sounds great. I would have LOVED to have seen him perform Hot Tub Blues.

I've noticed iTunes haven't updated the albums release date yet. I wonder if it will mistakenly unlock tonight. Probably not, they don't even have the previews up, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out.