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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Maggz, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. He didn't do Talk Talk Talk, Bloodstained Heart and Blake Out the Sun? How odd
  2. Really? seems a little odd he wouldn't do any of the 3. How was the stage? Love the sound of the Pop!ular mash-up.
  3. He did both Black Out The Sun, and Bloodstained Heart (which was AMAZING live!). Just not Talk Talk Talk.
  4. When I saw him live earlier this year he did 'Bloodstained Heart' and it was literally breathtaking. Absolutely amazing. I don't see him cutting it from the setlist any time soon.
  5. Sorry, I should have pointed out that my list wasn't comprehensive! I was surprised (and disappointed) at the lack of 'Talk, Talk, Talk'. But it was a really good show, he was energetic and engaged, but then he's known for putting on a good show.

    I will say he attracts a very odd crowd.
  6. What sort of crowd does he attract? I'm 26 and I've loved him since "I Want You". I never understood why it all ended as soon as he went solo, I think he should have stayed 'Savage Garden' alone! People don't like buying male solo acts.
  7. What a shame Talk Talk Talk was dropped.
    But CASEY!! God Walking Into The Room!!!! I was at the Brisbane show and wished he did those. Lucky for fans who can go this time!
  8. Does anybody have the setlist in order?
  9. Well there's people about that age - so let's say 25-35 who you'd assume that liked Savage Garden. Then you've got the middle-aged 'Mums'. I can see that the Mums would have loved Savage Gardeh and so bought his solo stuff. But there was quite a lots of older men - maybe in their 60s, and I just couldn't imagine how they got into him. Though I suppose the tickets were relatively cheap, and their are people who'll just go out to see a concert. I don't know, it just seemed a very diverse group compared to other concerts I've been to.

    I tried to dig out a proper setlist but noone seems to have put one up. I vaguerly considered noting it at the time, but assumed it would be online somewhere by now!
  10. This thread is strangely quiet considering that he's been on tour. I saw him at Manchester's Bridgewater Hall on Friday and although he was great I wasn't all that fussed on the setlist! Too much Savage Garden stuff for me and nothing, not one song from This Delicate Thing which was very annoying. But we did get I Like The Way and Hot Tub Blues which were great to hear. Not sure that the audience knew what to make of Hot Tub Blues though!

    I ca'nt find a setlist online either so if anyone does find one I'd appreciate it!
  11. The setlist was:

    God Walking Into the Room
    I Like the Way
    To the Moon and Back
    Nearly Love
    Cruel Cruel World
    So Beautiful
    Truly Madly Deeply
    The Animal Song
    Black Out the Sun
    Stupid Mistake
    Pop!ular/When Will I Be Famous
    Hot Tub Blues
    I Don't Know You Anymore
    The Siren's Call

    Insatiable/Rhythm Is A Dancer
    Bloodstained Heart

    Casey was also performed on the first and last nights but not inbetween.
  12. Setlist looks dull apart from the encore.

    I saw him on his B-sdies tour in London and it was AMAZING. Not sure this would match up at all as I am very much a Tension/Delicate fan.
  13. He is a perfect vocalist, but I agree about the setlist. I guess it just made me realise why I haven't listened to Secret Codes anywhere near as much as his other solo albums. I'd have killed for more Tension and Delicate tracks, as well as Crush and Strange Relationship. Other than Bloodstained Heart and Black Out the Sun, I sort of feel that Secret Codes is all a bit vanilla.

    And what kind of man has Love is in Everything in his back catalogue and doesn't perform it?

    Had a great night all the same. Grindr was a laugh in the Bridgewater Hall. Darren's biggest fan was at the front of the balcony and nearly died from over enthusing and falling off several times!
  14. Seems like the set list is very similar to the secret tour earlier in the year. Don't feel so bad that I missed it now.
  15. Saw him at Brisbane last year and was really disappointed he didn't include anything from Delicate. Casey is just too good to be left out. And I'm surprised he only performed it in the first and last show this time round. Was also hoping for Who Would Have Thought and Step Into The Light. For some reason I also think the inclusion of Setting Sun might work for this show. But maybe he thinks he overdid Delicate and would only revisit it in future tours?

    I think I like the Brisbane setlist a bit more. I like that it has Talk Talk Talk (still can't believe it's dropped), Taken By The Sea as an opener, and would prefer Don't Give Up over Nearly Love.

    It's been another fantastic era for a Darren fan though, a brilliant album and a great show.
  16. A&E


  17. This has made me so incredibly happy!! Especially having an actual cd!! WOO HOO!!!
  18. Why the different tracklisting? Unless I've had the wrong one all these years...?
  19. I hadn't noticed it's been rejigged. I just can not wait for this!
  20. Fantastic news.
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