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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, May 1, 2016.

  1. The way he introduced me to this album last week I-
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  2. He


    Hope you left halfway through that mess. I’m sorry you had to endure that.
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  3. I got married on Saturday!

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  5. I’ve been single for almost a year now, one of the longest periods in my life I’ve been single, when single I’ve always been searching for ‘the one’ etc but a month or 2 ago something changed. I’ve spent the last couple of months, not going on any dates, went on holiday on my own, meeting a different guy every night for drinks (no funny business) and just generally making more friends. The last few weeks I ended up chatting to a 25 year old guy who’s in an open relationship, I had no plan on meeting him (I don’t do hook ups and I’m also 43) but we really got on and I was giving him advice etc. we got on so well that we agreed to meet to watch Drag Race and have drinks and just generally chat.

    I’m now seeing a 25 year old in an open relationship.

    This is so not me, you have no idea. I’ve no idea what I’m doing but I’m having fun and not really thinking of anything past today as I know there’s no future in’s an interesting time in my life,
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  6. Ha, something similar happened to me. It's amazing what can happen if you just remain open and just go with the flow. Enjoy it!
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  7. Yep, some really interesting things are happening in my life just now and all because I changed the way I think of things and what I’ve been doing.
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  8. We are literally our own worst enemy. I mean I'm probably bi but to bully myself into only being with women till I was 27? The self-sabotage!
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  9. One of my exes came out at 27, just to be with me.
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  10. Misteeq's imact!
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  11. I usually lurk in these types of threads, so not sure what has finally made me want to share, I think seeing people worry about being single for shorter periods than myself stirred something in me that I should get some advice from you all.

    I've been single since 2005 (after two long relationships, one abusive, the other cheated). I haven't had any 'intimate' moments since 2012 (met someone on an app who wanted to move in with me after one hook up which was a huge nope).

    Am I lonely? I guess I am but I'm also ok with being single if that makes any sense. It's been so long I think I would struggle letting my routine change or my guard down. I also wouldn't know where to start, at 43 I think I'm too old for Grindr, I've used Scruff to have a nosey a few times but it's really just a meat market isn't it? (also seeing all those ridiculously good looking people on the main page is seriously deflating). Having only a smaller group of friends who don't really go out anymore doesn't lend itself to the old fashioned way of meeting people either.

    I know I need to work on my confidence, becoming a bit of a semi-hermit over these years has taken some of it away, especially how I think I look, but again where the hell do you start these days?
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  12. All I know is gays love the daddies. Get out there hun.
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  13. Can confirm this is very much not true. I know self-esteem plays a part in you not feeling like you can put yourself out there, but I guarantee there will be more people than you think knocking on your door if/when you're ready for it.
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  14. Not me getting banned from Tinder for life when I haven’t broke any rules? Someone is against me getting a boyfriend ha.
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  15. I think I need to try and expand my friend circle and start going out and doing things a bit more to build the confidence up before trying the apps again, I have popped on them over the years but nothing ever really comes from it other than shitty messages from people. Maybe I should try the more traditional 'dating' sites to start off with?
  16. I can also confirm this is not true, I am 43 and on Grindr. I get messages from so many young uns, there’s definitely a market out there!
  17. Couple of days ago I made plans with a guy to meet tonight for shenanigans because it was the only time we were both free. Woke up this morning absolutely not in the mood nn. What kind of fickle sex drive.
  18. The crush is still out of town for another week and it's been a continuously confusing mixed bag since he left. I fully assumed I would not be hearing from him after our last outing until he returned, but he ended up texting me from the airport before his flight. We messaged for awhile until I wished him a safe flight & good trip, and then he followed up after he landed, just continuing the conversation a bit. All very sweet and surprising. I then waited a few days to reach out, saying I hoped he'd had a good time with his family and that he made it to NYC alright (since those were the two main details I knew about this trip), but only received radio silence... not even a reaction. Meanwhile, I'm hearing about coworkers doing networking things with him while he's gone and I get looped into an email chain with him - all reminders of why I've made every effort in my life thus far to keep my love and work lives separate. Basically, lots of things keeping me as an active presence in his life as he continues to ignore my text. Granted, it's a work trip and he's likely busy, but some form of acknowledgement is always nice. 5 days go by and I hear a song from one his clients, and decide to send another text about the song and asking him how the trip is going so far. Foolish, I know, but I let feels get the best of me. Thankfully, he did respond this time - albeit hours later - not acknowledging the radio silence or the ignored message, but at least answering the latest questions. I took my time with my own response, and we left it there. I will now be waiting for him to get back before I make any sort of contact, as it's clear he's got other things going on, but the sporadic reach outs are just further mixed messages from this guy. I'll wait a few days after he returns to check in about setting up logistics for our next outing; maybe he'll beat me to the punch, but I'm not going to count on it.

    In the meantime, I finally set up a casual encounter with a Scruff suitor who I'd been messaging for months over the weekend, and it was one of the best hookups I've ever had. After a steady string of underwhelming dalliances recently, it was nice to have something to erase the sexual frustration of this aforementioned crush from my mind for a bit - as well as someone to help keep my eggs in a few baskets. He's in an open relationship, and not looking for anything complicated, so hopefully he can remain a recurring presence on my roster.
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  19. Awww, I got engaged on that same day. Congrats!
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  20. Haha no way! Congratulations!
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