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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, May 1, 2016.

  1. Sam


    yep so I have a date on Saturday night. Nervous as hell cause it’s been YEARS and I’m definitely gonna have to sink a glass of wine or 2 before I go for some Dutch courage. But you best believe I’ll show up on time!!!
  2. This might end up being quite a long post but I have to get this off my chest especially now that I'm in a much better place

    I got myself into a massive mess a few months ago, I posted last year about me dating this taken guy who is a severe alcoholic & drug addict, he kept telling me to wait for him till he sorts his shit out with his boyfriend of 6 years and then he'll make it official with me but anyway after I told him I have feelings he switched up and was being really abusive and got me into drinking quite a lot while I was with him, this lasted for around 4 months till February of this year when shit hit the fan. I trusted a friend with what was going on, who happens to be his drug buddy, she ended up snitching about it to him much later and of course he denied everything since he was pretty much cheating on his boyfriend with me. The clown got his boyfriend involved by running to him to control the narrative, telling him I'm a psycho who is obsessed with him and that he his scared, not even a week b4 that went down he was all up on my body and ass..

    The boyfriend texts me asking me for the truth, I told him everything, even with proof, in the end he believed his boy and called me a jealous psycho lmao deep down he knows but is in denial or a victim of his abuse himself imo, they've cheated on each other before. I blocked them all and a week later I find out that he is claiming that I'm stalking him, meanwhile I wasn't in town during that time since we were on break from uni.. also him threatening to sue me for defamation cause I exposed him, even tried telling all that to my friends who stood by my side and supported me, which he obviously only did to further position himself as a victim.

    I was at my worst mentally ever cause he just wouldn't stop with his abuse even after going no contact with him and his people, I was forced to out myself for the first time to a family member cause I was scared he'll use that against me, thank god she took it well but I still wasn't ready to do it. This past semester was quite difficult for me and I skipped many lectures cause I didn't feel safe around him and that friend who snitched, to the point of having a panic attack once. Also almost quit but thank god I didn't, a weak narcissistic rat won't have that power over me. In hindsight I've come to terms with how it went down, I was too foolish to distance myself even tho it wasn't good for me, so this way I was forced to, who knows how long it would've went on for with him if it didn't all come crashing down. I'm just glad I passed all my exams, haven't had a drop of alcohol since then and I educated myself on narcissism and many other topics that really helped out, unfortunately I still have to keep seeing him for around 3 more yrs in uni.. but I'm in a much better place now even tho I haven't been interested in dating or meeting a new guy ever since, I've learned to really enjoy my solitude while he is living his karma daily, still suffering and numbing his pain away and doing it all over again to a new guy while his boyfriend keeps himself in denial.
  3. Attention, young people on Grindr. "You look amazing for your age!" is not the smooth pick up line you think it is.
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  4. Furthermore - adding ‘for your age’ to anything is a low down dirty bitch move! Even to compliment youngsters (very mature for your age as an example) And I say this as a gay geriatric grandma! <333

    (Yippee to Candiace returning to our screens in a month)
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  5. I just replied, "Well I'm not dead yet!" and left that to hang.
  6. You all have been saying it to me for 20 years fff
  7. Screaming. Grindr is on a roll. Blank profile messages, and I ask for pics. He asks what type of guys I’m into, but I’m not answering that because that screams catfish to me. So he eventually sends a pic, and I just tell him sorry, he’s not my type. His response killed me.
    And then blocks me. First off, what in the name of Taylor Swift is my bad reputation? And second, dude you messaged me knowing who I am apparently. Don’t be bitter because I politely rejected you.

    I am really done with all this.
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  8. Sam


    He’s late dddd you couldn’t write this
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  9. Good Luck Hen
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  10. Sam


    I had such a good time last night. He’s super easy to talk to, we got quite drunk and I didn’t stop laughing the whole time. I’m not sure if it’s gonna go anywhere or how like … romantically I feel about him, but I’m glad to have made a friend anyway. Not me with the emotional maturity!

    He’s off to Australia for 2 weeks next week so I think we’re gonna make plans to do it again when he’s back. We’ll see what happens!
  11. Woke up to my annual text from the ex, who’s apparently going through another break up at the moment.

  12. It very much was a date!! We got quite drunk on the Saturday afternoon, went back to mine, then spent the whole of Sunday together too. Really trying to enjoy the process rather than stressing about it not working out in the end, because I’ve never had a date this good, and he must like me to spend 26 hours with me! Also taking it as a positive sign from the universe that we spent the whole of the Glitter anniversary together x
  13. This sounds so lovely, dates that spontaneously turn into spending the following day together are the absolute best. Enjoy each moment!
  14. Flight to Perth to see my man in 6 weeks booked. 2 and a half weeks, half of that staying with his parents who I’m yet to meet.

    But the rules for a visa to move there are so frustrating. As I’m 31 and not 30, I can’t get one without being sponsored by a job first (I have never felt more past it), or spending *a lot* of time and effort for a specialised one. But I’m giving it a go nonetheless.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me, guys!
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  15. Sam


    Super excited for you beb!
  16. I'm sure you know this already, but they've agreed to up the age to 35, they just need to sign it into (both) laws - which may take some time (thanks Queenie). Hope everything works out for you both!
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  17. Well after an unintentionally dry August (ending with both The Crush & The Ex forgetting my birthday), September is off to a very busy start. Ended my Hawaii trip by hooking up with Random Grindr Gentleman who was visiting from Denver for work; didn't get name or occupation, but had some lovely 'near-home plate' action. Two days later, my first full day home, the hottest suitor to ever reach out to me on Grindr asked me to pop by his Fairmont hotel room for a quick visit to third base. Normally, I wouldn't drive across the city late at night mid-week for a random hotel room hookup, but I was feeling spontaneous, and am glad I did as Hot Suitor was even better looking in person (as was the luxe room).

    Taking things back, while in Hawaii, I was messaging with a sir who was staying at his family's vacation home for the month. We weren't able to meet up before I left, but he continues to invite me back to spend the month with him - offering to pick me up & sending along flight prices. He's from LA, so have told him we can hang when he gets back, but I might be one drunken night away from taking him up on his offer.

    Cut to attending Gaga on Saturday (with The Ex & Ex's Dull BF - I know, but it was perfectly enjoyable), and I met up with an acquaintance at a bar and stayed out flirting with a few new folk before messaging my July hookup to have me over for another home base session (he was happy to oblige). As I waited for my Uber outside the bar post-last call, I decided to tell a random guy how cute he was. He proceeded to let me know he had also thought I was cute all night, was impressed by my dancing, and asked me to hang out. I told him I'd already booked something, so he gave me a kiss and his number before heading off - something this organic has never happened to me in my life.

    Spent the night with Mr. July, who wanted to let his viewing of American Psycho play out while we got to it, which was concerning/oddly sexy (which is even more concerning). I'm not entirely certain he isn't a serial killer, something I told him that made him laugh (the concerns continued to rack up), but he's a lot of fun, so we discussed doing it again sometime. I spent the entire next morning texting with Mr. Phone Number, and he invited me to join him and his friends at a nearby daytime gay event close to my apartment. We hung out for most of the day, with lots of touching, whispering, flirting before I let him know I had to head out for dinner and bed. I invited him along, but he wanted to stay, and we had some light making out as walked me to the exit and asked me to hang out again sometime.

    Upon getting home, I had a Scruff message from Mr. June, who wanted to know how I was doing and when we can hook up again, so that was a lovely surprise. Also received a Grindr message from this hot guy who attends workout classes with me, made eyes with me once at a gay bar, and who has ignored all of my previous Grindr 'flames/pokes' (or whatever they're called on that app) to say I look good in class and that he'd like to hang out. Told them each to let me know when they're available.

    I continued texting with Mr. Phone Number into the night and for most of yesterday, as he told me he isn't looking for anything romantic - assured him I'm not either - while also sending me a barrage of compliments about my work ensemble for the day. Ended up at a work event with The Crush, where we proceeded to get a tad drunk and I chastised him for being so bad at ever responding/following up about anything (he was self-aware enough to agree). It was a fun time, and again, I think as much as I need to be doing with him. Being me (an intoxicated me, at that), I sent him a couple sarcastic texts before bed that, unsurprisingly, have gone ignored.

    However, I have spent all today continuing to text with Mr. Phone Number and he invited me to have a beach day with him this coming weekend. A date? Considering his prior aversion to making things romantic, I remain unclear, but I think it'll be fun regardless.

    So there are weirdly a lot of things in the mix right now, and I don't know if it's all due to good 'ol Mercury Retrograde, but I'm rolling with it, am continuing to be surprised by it, and am excited to see where things go.
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  18. The Mr. Men have certainly been modernised a tad
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  20. Who didn’t forget @lushLuck ’s birthday, you might ask?
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