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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Statement from his rep via Facebook

    His son Duncan also confirmed the news on Twitter


  2. ........holy shit.
  3. Is this actually true? I mean... His album JUST came out the other day. I don't know. Sad.
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  4. What? Fuck.

    I never expected that. A huge loss, and I'm not even a fan (yet).

    Sky News has confirmed it. Unless it's one hell of a fucked-up publicity ploy, it's true.
  5. What a huge shock! With a new album and that I didn't expect this. RIP.
  6. Fucking hell.

    They've just announced this on the BBC and I'm in complete shock. Very few people have had such a profound effect on music - and, it has to be said on a personal level, me. RIP indeed.
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  7. Fucking hell :(.

    Rest in peace, sir.
  8. Just saw this, how terrible. I didn't realise he was battling cancer. RIP.
  9. I'm not sure anyone did, he was so private. But it would explain why he made his comeback in the last few years.
  10. How sad. Never really listened to much of his music, but I know he influenced many artists.
    Makes me sad thinking about how Gaga will find out about his death pretty much on the same day she was so happy for winning her award.
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  11. Totally unexpected and tragic. Only last week I rekindled with an old friend and we were joking about our teenage Bowie phase and how much we'd loved him. Truely inspirational and sad to hear of his passing.
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  12. I'm not the biggest Bowie fan but there's no denying his impact and legacy. Sad news.
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  13. If you NEVER listened to his music, perhaps this isn't the time to pipe up. Just a fucking thought.

    Few artists go beyond greatness to myth. The greatness and influence of Bowie cannot be overstated. A giant loss for music and pop culture.
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  14. Surely it's more-so like when someone your friends knew passes and you simply say you've heard great things about them despite never knowing them personally. Just a reiteration of a person's legacy. People pointing out they were never too familiar with his music but know his legacy is a compliment and speaks how far his influence spreads. Let's not be hostile in a time of mourning.
  15. Sam


    I'm actually gutted. He was such a legend.
  16. Sad and unexpected. RIP.
  17. What a man. A real icon.
  18. wow I am shocked! I just watched his latest music video and he was dancing and vibrant as ever.

    Sad sad day.
  19. Just to ditto everything said. A complete legend, Blackstar seems like a perfect last act.
  20. Wow, I'm in shock. I can't believe it.
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