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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Having a moment with my personal favorite Bowie album, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). What a fucking force!
  2. A friendly reminder that Aladdin Sane is his best album. An absolute genius, I miss him.
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  3. The world-conquering run from Hunky Dory through Let's Dance is absurdly incredible. Possibly the best by any artist ever?
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  4. Top 5 Bowie? Go on then:

    1 Ashes to ashes
    2 Fashion
    3 Sufragette city
    4 Absolute beginners
    5 Let's dance
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  5. I can't really choose a Top 5 Bowie because they change and shift position. These songs are never too far away though:

    1) Sound And Vision
    2) Ashes To Ashes
    3) I'm Deranged
    4) Golden Years
    5) Secret Life of Arabia

    The Heart's Filthy Lesson, Loving The Alien, Fashion, Let's Dance, Starman, Up A Hill Backwards, Queen Bitch, Blackstar, As The World Falls Down, Heroes, Rebel Rebel, Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family and This Is Not America all make it into the Top 5 on occasion too. 1. Outside is still my favourite Bowie album, but Scary Monsters/Low/Diamond Dogs also chart very highly.
  6. Top 5 Bowie albums:

    1. The Next Day
    2. Black Tie White Noise
    3. Heathen
    4. Never Let Me Down
    5. Blackstar
  7. I think it was PJ Peter himself who commented after Bowie's death that "Absolute Beginners" was the Bowie single everyone forgot they loved. And a #2 smash, too. What a fucking song.

    Bowie's 80s period (post-Scary Monsters) gets a lot of stick, and for sure there's a drop off in quality across the albums. But we also get Let's Dance, China Girl, Modern Love, Loving The Alien, When The Wind Blows, Absolute Beginners, Never Let Me Down, I Can't Read, This Is Not America...pretty fucking great stuff, all told.
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  8. And
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  9. I stand by Just Dance being one of his best albums. Wall-to-wall bops.

    Also we can't forget the fantastic Labyrinth tracks. "As the World Falls Down" is gorgeous.
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  10. Oh god, I'm an idiot! YES.
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  11. "I'm Deranged" is a a masterpiece! I never grow tired of it. "The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)" is one of the most startling and unforgettable things Bowie ever did. I revisit Outside so frequently: it's aging beautifully. It may be the best release to come out of the whole 1990s cyberpunk/neo-noir aesthetic.
  12. Bowie's music between 1994 and 1998 was fascinating. I kind of overlooked a lot of it at the time, for one reason or another, but it's very rewarding if you spend time with it.
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  13. It’s legitimately impossible to choose and they change all the time, but my current top 5 Bowie songs are:

    Sound And Vision
    Drive-In Saturday
    Oh! You Pretty Things
    Lady Grinning Soul
    Black Country Rock
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  14. Yes! It's definitely up there with similar (literary) works like Snow Crash, Vurt, and Neuromancer. I'd definitely put it amongst those novels despite the fact Outside is an album. Even though the interludes might distract or annoy some people, it all works for me. Songs as chapters telling a story. It's great.
  15. My Bowie Top 5:

    1. Starman
    2. Space Oddity
    3. Sound and Vision
    4. Hallo Spaceboy
    5. Ashes to Ashes

    For me "Starman", especially with that TOTP performance, encompasses what Bowie was to me and the impact he had on music.
  16. I could never make a top five songs list, but I know for certain "Ashes to Ashes" would be up there.
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  17. Bowie's best song:

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  18. 7 years after getting into Bowie and Outside remains my favourite track by him, this was the album I started with and that title track is truly a moment.
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  19. Oh alright then, my Bowie top 5:

    1. Absolute Beginners
    2. This is not America
    3. I Can't Give Everything Away
    4. Love is Lost (Hello Steve Reich mix)
    5. China Girl


    1. Blackstar
    2. Scary Monsters
    3. Let's Dance
    4. The Next Day
    5. Hunky Dory
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  20. I'm not really sure I can do an accurate Top 5, as there are way too many Bowie songs I love, but here are five of them:

    1) Lady Stardust
    2) As the World Falls Down
    3) Time Will Crawl
    4) The Heart's Filthy Lesson
    5) Slow Burn

    Also - Loving the Alien and Modern Love.
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