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David Bowie

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Truly and utterly gutted beyond belief. To say he had an influence on me is such a huge, huge understatement. Everything I love musically is influenced massively by him. He was the cornerstone of my music taste and I loved him as an artist and an influence.

    I just can't process this.
  2. I agree

    I Posted it on here first and was about to post it on the main board, but as i was about to, someone else did, Bowie i first got into him with his lets dance cd, then discovered everything else he did.....
  3. His last performance.

    May he rest in peace, I thoroughly enjoyed "Blackstar", and it was truly remarkable that he chose such a beautiful way to go. I'm sorry that I haven't discovered his music before, but his DNA was inside all over my favorite artists.
  4. I think Wild Is the Wind is my favourite. Even as a cover.

  5. Well, he's not exactly a major presence in the musical scene of today.

    I hope he rests in peace and that Iman & family are all well.
  6. One of my favourites. I listened to it so many times as a teenager confused over my sexuality. Love his heels and earrings!

  7. David's death reminds me of Robin Williams in that they both didn't let known publicly what they were going through and when both died, it was a shock to masses of people. It's sad and amazing how well people can hide their feelings/pain and wear a smile.

  8. Sexual magnetic baes.
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  9. What a mind blower.. damn.

    I first encountered him when I was a 14 year old teenager scouring through my mums vinyls and finding the Diamond Dogs album and thinking what a strange thing, putting it on and being confused by it all but quite liking it in a weird way, then I saw him again in Labyrinth.

    I was always quite the fan of "Jump" (They Say) Bowie, and the album that came from in the 90s.

    You don't have to be a huge fan to recognise the man was a true legend and Icon, but what a way to go!
    Releasing an album and final video all about your short moments of life left.

    Respect and R.I.P Jareth the Goblin King
  10. I also liked the way he embraced 90's dance culture with his usual fearlessness.

    Going back, Low one of his best albums for me. Its art rock urbanism was a huge influence Ariel Rechtshaid, who is one of the best producers working today.
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  11. Good call. Little Wonder was the song that got me in to Bowie. I was 12 and Firestarter by The Prodigy had just cane out.
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  12. I have so many favourite videos from Bowie but this may be one of them.

  13. I think you'll find he absolutely is.
  14. Three years ago - on January 8th 2013, his 66th birthday - Bowie surprised the world with this beautiful song. It's still so beautiful and one of my favorite songs from his career. His renaissance during the last couple of years has been nothing less than amazing.

    As long as there's sun
    As long as there's sun
    As long as there's rain
    As long as there's rain
    As long as there's fire
    As long as there's fire
    As long as there's me
    As long as there's you
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  15. God, Lazarus video in this context just sent a fucking shockwave through my body. What a fucking way to go.

    "Look at me now, I'm in heaven.."
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  16. Lodger is such an underrated album, as is the whimsical and dreamy Hours...
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  17. FUCK!!!

    I'm avoiding going on Facebook because so many of my good friends are going to be in pieces.

    I was slightly too young for him to be a major influence on me as I grew up but all of the people who were major influences on me were Bowie fanatics. Despite never being a huge fan (I'll always controversially insist the 80's were his best period) waking up to this has totally floored me.

    He always felt like someone I should be obsessed with but had never put the work in to become so. Is always meant to get into him more than the 3 Disc Greatest Hits I own. Seems a bit crass to delve deeper now but I will do so.

    @Eric Generic i think it's time to resurrect your David Bowie rate of you can handle the extra voters
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  18. I rolled over out of my dreams to see that my best friend had texted me the news. I dunno, I'm speechless. He was a giant, a supernova. What do you honestly say about a man like that? All I can do is ravish his music and his wisdom and think of all the nourishment they've given me. The endless amounts of work and creativity that would take a person a lifetime to indulge and dissect. Very few could've done what he did. Fuck.
  19. My Facebook is just Bowie right now. Not kidding!

    Just a random scroll:
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  20. The fire has been put out, on a legend.

    What terrible news, the Bowie Exhibition a few years back put me on the right track to love and understand him so much over the past few years, I hope the Magic still Dances for eternity.
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