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David Bowie

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Finally opened my Loving The Alien set. It's SO gorgeous. I just love '80s Bowie. Some real treasures.

    I'm surprised how much attention the Never Let Me Down album gets.

    Nice to see the Labyrinth tracks get some love too, although it would have been nice if Magic Dance had been part of the Dance CD.
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  2. It's a beautiful set. Such attention to detail.
  3. Just listening to the 2020 mixes on The Width Of A Circle and just had a flashback to when I worked in a shop and was playing the Space Oddity album which had three versions of Memory Of A Free Festival in a row. By the time the third one came on some guy in the shop clutched his ears as if they were bleeding and shouted “OH MY GOOOOOOD!!!!” I wonder how he is?
  4. Isn't Bowie pretty much... Comeback Corner even though it shows the name doesn't really cover it well.
  5. With the Bowie catalogue, I'm at the point of "enough 60s shit, just get the 90s material out there in a boxset for gods sake".
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  6. Yeah I'm waiting for the 90's boxset, it's meant to be coming this year sometime.
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  7. I was watching an episode of Pointless Celebrities from last year, a music-themed edition. Anyway, one of the rounds was "eponymous songs" - 5 songs with the same title as the act who recorded them. I've always been a little suspicious of the "scoring" system on that show, and when they said 4 out of 100 people recognised Tin Machine's Tin Machine (so not crediting to Bowie) I immediately though no frigging way. A flop single from an album hardly anyone still remembers (apart from diehards like me) is that recognisable?
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  8. Finally I can upgrade my import DVD:

  9. The next era-themed boxset is coming:


    No confirmed tracklisting yet but supposed to be Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha Of Suburbia, 1. Outside, Earthling and hours...
  10. A great era that I underestimated at the time, but the artwork is a...choice!
  11. My bank isn't ready, but I am.
  12. I'll buy it regardless, and store it sideways!
  13. Hopefully this will prompt them to upload 90s era videos on YouTube officially as well, don't know why they disappeared some years ago.
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  14. Details of the Brilliant Adventure boxset are out. As well as Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha Of Suburbia, 1. Outside, Earthling and hours..., it will also include the usual Re:Call compilation of remixes and rarities, Live at the BBC Radio Theatre London 2000 and unreleased album Toy (which is also getting a separate expanded boxset:


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  15. Not much on the Brilliant Adventures set, but will get it regardless. Likewise the Toy box, if I can deal with that cover!
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  16. It's odd they're lumping Toy with this boxset, rather than the next one, as I associate it more with Heathen.
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  17. Same here.
  18. I just watched Stardust. Oh. Oh dear.
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