David Bowie

Toy, the long-awaited unreleased album got to #5 in the UK album chart. Probably higher than if it was released in 2001 as originally intended.

Apparently its original release was shelved due to unavailable budget after a fellow labelmate on Virgin was paid off after the underperformance of their album/soundtrack.

I like Toy. It sees Bowie in a rarely seen restrained and contemplative mood. He revisits his mostly ignored original material, but reinterpreted in a sombre style. It’s not anyone’s favourite album, but it’s an interesting experiment. However, it did inspire him to create the far superior Heathen.
I wonder who the labelmate was....
You probably already know, but just in case, it was Mariah Carey - Glitter, funnily I’ve just been reading about this in her memoir. I had no idea how much of an impact it had on other Virgin artists.
As mentioned in the Janet thread the other day, her All for You album campaign pretty much came to a grinding halt after the third single because of this.
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Scored a ticket to the IMAX screening of Moonage Daydream at TIFF Excited!

Okay, so I saw Moonage Daydream in IMAX tonight and... I can't believe I am saying this but I agree with Paul's review from SDE. It is meticulously well edited and there's lots of footage... but I found it curiously unmoving and I felt very disconnected from it. I sensed the other audience members did too. They seemed restless, and a few patrons just upped and exited.

It's definitely a sensory experience but I guess, for me, I needed to feel something and connect to what was going onscreen. To be fair, the movie started late, the seats were small and I was a bit tired. But I can't lie, I was a bit disappointed.