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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, May 8, 2017.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread about them as it's the 30th anniversary of their Raintown album being released in May 1987....

    There's a programme about the album on BBC Radio 2 tonight at 10pm.

    The programme was first broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland last Monday and is available for your listening pleasure on the iPlayer....
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  2. I love Deacon Blue...pity the BBC haven't done a Classic Album documentary for television, rather than radio. We've had some refreshing choices lately, Primal Scream then Carly Simon.

    Raintown got a little bit lost on release in 87, with all the Prefab wannabes around. But they came into own with the second album. Raintown's a gem of a record, though, the title track, Ragman, He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now and Town To Be Blamed as good as the singles.
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    Love Deacon Blue. Loaded and Dignity are classic, anthemic, incredibly moving pop tunes.
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  4. Raintown was massive in my year at school and When The World felt to be a sellout. They are different, one insular and Glasgow, one global. Fellow Hoodlums was a reversion to insular but without the passion and innocence imho. Great band though.
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  5. Yeah, I can see how When The World could have horrified the original was quite a change. But impossible (for me) not to love.
  6. Thet are both great but in very different ways. Spent ages chasing Riches the vinyl fan club edition. Found it in 2016 for a tenner. Happy boy that day!
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  7. They did so many ace B-sides. If they hadn't released some of them as Ooh las Vegas in 1990, I'd never have known that, as I tended not to buy singles after early 1987.

    Deacon Blue are actually one of my most-played artists, which always surprises me but I do love them.
  8. This has been bopping for me. I love the blending in of the old folk song

  9. Chocolate Girl is my song, what a bop.
  10. Sam


    Real Gone Kid always gets me out of my seat. I might give their other stuff a go.
  11. Have only ever thought of them as a singles band. I did enjoy The Hipsters album a couple of years ago. Haven't played the two since.
  12. Does it make you melt, Vas?
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  13. Raintown and When The World are really strong albums with hardly any filler. After that, it gets a bit hit and miss, but they're always good for an excellent single and some neat B-sides.
  14. My favourite Deacon Blue single is Only Tender Love... it just does that hairs-on-back-of-neck thing for me. Actually, the single version isn't a patch on the original full length album version, with the longer outro. I also love the Perfecto Mix of Your Town... so I'm not exactly a typical DB fan I guess, although I like loads of their stuff beyond that.
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  15. I love those tracks from Whatever You Say.....and the coda to Will We Be Lovers....
  16. Your Town is also that bop. And Fergus.
  17. The radio 2 documentary is excellent!
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  18. Caught a bit of the documentary on the actual radio last week, will listen back to the full thing at a later date. I had no idea LondonBeat were the backing vocalists on 'When Will You Make My Telephone Ring ?' - top pop-fact.

    I've always loved Deacon Blue since I was young. Raintown and WTWKYN are two of my favourite lps - the former in particular still sounds magnificent today. Fellow Hoodlums suffered a bit as the follow up to WTWKYN (and the Bacharach and David ep), but has some great stuff on it. 'Your Swaying Arms' and 'The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail' are still massive live favourites. Then 'Twist and Shout' became a bit of a surprise hit.

    Whatever You Say, Say Nothing is very much of it's time. The band were obviously pushed into the Oakenfold/Osborne production by the record company, and it doesn't really sit well. Having said that - when it works it really works - 'Your Town' is one of their best ever singles. If you watch the promo videos now, they look ridiculous - all silver shirts and shades. That was the nature of the beast at the time though, U2 had moved so successfully into the dance genre with Achtung Baby that all of the 'rock' bands were being pushed in that direction - INXS are another example. It clearly didn't go down well with the DB fans though, who were not interested in that kind of thing.

    As others have said, pretty much the law of diminishing returns since then - each album has a few good singles and other tracks on them. They do seem to have returned a bit more to the fore in recent times though - the Raintown doc being a good example. Ricky Ross has a 'country' show on Radio Scotland which keeps him in the limelight. They also seem to get a decent amount of play on Radio 2 for their singles, which is nice.

    I love 'The Big Picture' concert show from 1989 is a massive favourite. Nearly wore out my VHS copy, then it was on 'The Bigger Picture' dvd which also had also the single promos. Seems to be quite expensive these days. Managed to meet Ricky a few years ago and told him we watched it on a regular basis, he seemed quite bemused....

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  19. The 3 CD/DVD set of the When The World Knows Your Name album is currently £7.99 at HMV & Amazon.
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  20. Same as last year (when I snapped up a copy); pity the others don't get reduced as well.
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