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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by manlove, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. ...because it's not just all about You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).

    Steve Coy has this week in an interview for Italian press said that a brand new Dead Or Alive album is coming soon! This would be the 7th all new album for the irrepressible Pete Burns and co, and as each of their albums has been all kinds of amazing, is something we shold be looking forward to and talking about here. I'm hoping the new album echoes the 'band' sound of 'Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know', though I equally loved all the other albums!

    I know Pete is like Marmite, and this thread may die a death, but seems there's quite a few of us DOA fans in here, so where better to discuss our hopes for the new album!?
  2. I fucking love Pete Burns. The man makes Boy George look like a wet lettuce.
  3. Pye


    'Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know' is probably my least favorite of their 80's albums although the cover art work is my favorite! By the time 'Nude' came out I was getting rather sick of that sort of sound and it was only in the mid 90's that I suddenly thought what a great pop album. 'Nude' has such hilarious and cutting lyrics which always makes me smile when I hear it. The album just has to many tracks that could have been singles. I was always hoping that 'I Cannot Carry On' would be a single.I was deeply disappointed when it did not appear on the 'Nude' remix album.

    It will be interesting to hear their new material but will there but much progression from tracks like 'Hit And Run Lover'?

    I would love to hear something less dance orientated and something more pop like 'In To Deep'..... I like to hear Pete's softer side
  4. My least favorite of their albums (Fan The Flame) has actually really grown on me over the years. I remember buying it on a road trip thru Atlanta without even knowing it existed; and being really disappointed at the low BPMs of the album. Now that I've had years to remove it from the 3 albums prior, I quite like it.

    I'm hoping that they can get some good producers for the next album. Fragile felt really "tinny" in production for me and I'm hoping they can get a fuller sound with the new one.

    As evidenced by my moniker, I'm a HUGE DOA fan....
  5. I can't get enough of Nukleopatra - it should have been a big hit (and had a video).
  6. Pye


    'Fan The Flame' could have been so much better! The tracks 'Gone To Long' and 'Unhappy Birthday' redone forthe Nukleopatraalbum proved that!
  7. i really didn't 'get' Fan The Flame when it came out, but actually it s a proper brilliant album. As the excellent artwork suggests, there's something quite classy and pretentious about it, and a bold step to return after 'Nude' with an album of 7 minute 'wine bar disco' masterpieces. I love it now, particularly the remix of 'Total Stranger', but would love for there to have been proper 7'' / edits of the tracks too (still hoping one day).

    I also wanted 'I Cannot Carry On' as a single - i've got an article which is an excellent review of 'Nude' at the time, and describes the album as 'a thunderclap from the heavens; a non-stop erotic cabaret', and that track best sums it up. I might be wrong, but wasn't there something of the loss of Pete's mother in that song - is that maybe why it wasn't a single???

    there's so much music out now I hear Dead Or Alive's influence in, so surely time is right for them to return. I just hope Pete hasn't lost any of his top notch pop sensibilties. Dead Or Alive always did give us brilliantly sparkling pop gems!
  8. Sugaste

    Sugaste Guest

    Nude is such a fantastic record; even the remix album was brilliant. I hope with new record they can mix together all the genres and sounds they've gone through and come out with a fresh but distinctly DoA uptempo album.
  9. oh, someone saw fit to drop this thread in the dumper... no doubt to make way for a 400th Girls Aloud / Britney / Gaga thread. Oh well, kinda wish i'd not bothered now.
  10. The forum, as you can see, is also for 'comebacks' and 'retro music'.
  11. Pye


    Mmmm interesting, so it's okay for St Etienne and Banarama, Grace Jones, Blondie etc to have threads in the general section even though they rarely release new material and are basically past their best.
  12. It always annoys me when people think all there is to Dead Or Alive is You Spin Me Round.

    Nude is in my top 10 albums of all time - it's SAW pop being done better than SAW!

    Turn Around and Count 2 Ten, Stop Kicking My Heart Around, Come Home (With Me Baby), I Cannot Carry On and My Forbidden Lover are all amazing HiNRG pop and I would love if Pete made a return to this kind of pop stomper.
  13. Surely if they're releasing new music, this could have stayed in the Pop & Justice section...

    Anyway; I look forward to it. DoA are amazing; and have never had a duff album (Though the first 4 are slightly better than the rest.)
  14. Pye


    Maybe we have to wait for a song or album title before that can happen?

    Kim Wilde has a thread in the general section for her new single even though it is just a comeback.

    I love your comment Call It love where you describe 'Nude' as 'SAW pop done better than SAW'. That's exactly how I would have put it.
  15. I love a bit of Dead Or Alive, and as has been said already, I don't really think they've made a bad album (the Unbreakable album doesn't count, right? - I didn't even manage to get all the way through it once). However, I won't hold my breath for a new album. Just how many times in the last ten years have they promised a brand new one?

    It's heartening to see so many people praising Nude too. Didn't they fall out with SAW prior to recording the album? I know that they, rather pettily but amusingly, used to put their names in the incorrect order on the sleeves, I presume to piss them off.
  16. moorje

    moorje Guest

    All of those people have had new music out within the past 2 years and are still performing. Aside from one song Pete Burns hasn't released anything new in over 10 years and cancelled 90% of his live dates. There is actually a thread about his duet with The Dirty Disco in the main thread, but like everything else he does it will probably get shelved. We'll have to make do with the glory days for now.
  17. Pye


    I had actually forgotten it's been 7 years since 'Evolution' was released (scary where the time has gone) Although 'You Spin Me Round' went top 5 in 2006 after Pete's stint in the Big Brother House.
  18. It's a great shame he's such a nightmare to organise and has no work ethic. He's really pissed what career he had up the wall... He made some comment about how 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)' was like a school uniform that people kept expecting him to wear years after he left school. He should offer something new to wear, then!

    His nearest comparrison/peer is probably Boy George and George has managed to put out so much material consistantly, whereas Pete has just done nothing. It's such a shame. When the PSB collaboration came out, there was a lot of press and interest and I got excited myself. Who knew it would come to absolutely nothing. He's had plenty of chances, too - from Big Brother, to retruning to the top 5, to his own TV show on Living TV to appearences with Scissor Sisters and he's just not got the goods. I'm so disappointed in him. The best I can hope for are the Dead Or Alive albums being re-issued as deluxe 2CDs (which are on the cards, I believe).
  19. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I think he would make a much better TV presenter than singer these days. He doesn't seem to have any interest in making new music or seeing a project through. Yes, he's had the whole spectrum of human experience thrown at him over the past few years but that artistic drive to keep him going through the troubles seems to be lacking. One of the few times he seemed relaxed was when he was presenting Surgery Nightmares on UK Living (or something like that). He was very attentive to his guests and they spoke to each other as equals rather than as celeb/oddity. I wouldn't want a reality show but I'd love more interviews.
  20. I'd rather have a killer album anyday. Even at gun point.
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