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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by manlove, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. NUDE is superb. I had a penpal back then and he'd go on and on about them, me not giving a fuck then he sent me a tape of NUDE and wig flew to Japan ft Sinitta on support.

    Nude and Seiko were my late 80s faux PWL faves.
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  2. Pye


    My favorite track (possibly) from Nude. I was a little disappointed it was not on Nude remade remodelled.
    Are there any remixes knocking around?
  3. I always find it difficult to pick an ultimate fave DOA track. It would be between "You spin me round", "Brand new lover" & "Come outside".
  4. Nude is one of my desert island discs. It is Dead Or Alive doing the PWL sound better than PWL themselves. Come Home (With Me Baby) is my favourite DOA song but album tracks like Stop Kicking My Heart Around, I Cannot Carry On and My Forbidden Lover are equally stellar. When the Gloom Box came out I couldn't believe people weren't freaking out over Love Toy, it's amazing! Definitely one of my all time favourite albums from a band who deserved to be so much bigger than they were.

    Stunning artwork too

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  5. Nude is one of my top ten favourite records of all time, too.

    Everything about it just resonates with me. The artwork is glorious and the melodies and conviction in which Pete sings elevate the record to huge heights.

    I discovered Pete through CBB in 2006 and I’m so glad I did. I’ve since become an avid collector of DoA material and have spent a stupid (but worth it!) amount of money on amassing their back catalog and many rarities.

    It really saddens me that both Pete and Steve are no longer with us. They taught little 14 year old me through their music and art that not conforming and being different was ok.

    I think I’ll continue to listen to their music and collect their material as long as I’m on this earth. And hopefully one day we will be able to hear some more from the vaults, expanding their legacy.
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  6. I've not really thought a lot about it before, but yes...I think this CD bought be one of my 10 Desert Island Discs too!
  7. Loving this last page. The taste!

    That said, I have never ventured past Nude aside from Sex Drive, Hit & Run Lover (I love this one), and Isn't It A Pity. I have the boxset so it's just a matter of setting aside the time. What am I in for?? How do fans view this period?
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  8. Have you heard this one? One of the best things they ever did and epic video too!

    It's very imperial phase PSB for me.
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  9. Fan the Flame was certainly a different sound for them but I still absolutely enjoy it. I think Gone Too Long is one of their best songs. That record is a lot more laid back with a sort of softer disco sound?

    Nukleopatra is full of gems too. This is their electronic dance / pop album (that got 6 different covers and track lists worldwide). Again, featuring one of their best ever songs, International Thing.
  10. Rebel Rebel
    The Right Stuff
    International Thing

    ...are all great lost singles and it's a shame we didn't go from Nude in 1988 to a best of album in 1989-90. Promoted with one new single, maybe a megamix, then a new album full of this sound circa 1992, instead of the post-Epic wilderness years, which killed their career in the UK dead. Not many kids back in 1990 were buying Japanese import CDs, because we just didn't know about them, or how to get hold of them. It felt like they just stopped being a band at the time. It wasn't until the late 90s when you were able to piece together what you missed out on, via the internet, and it was underwhelming by then, if not at the time. The whole "International Chrysis" pseudonym didn't really work out and they really weren't on anyone's radar so a comeback seemed out of reach. The CBB appearances, cosmetic surgery documentaries, the book, PSB's collab and the Sony best of package were all lapped up by me, but we just never got a decent momentum of new music. So sad.
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  11. The interview Pete did with that life long fan (who I think is maybe a journalist or photographer?), what was the song he spoke about as one of the best things he ever wrote and that when it wasn't a hit he decided to stop writing? Was it Hit & Run Lover?
  12. Yes, it's a shame because after Nude, it seemed like they disappeared. Nude was such a highlight to ride out the '80s, that a best-of would have been a good next step.
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  13. Imagine the Christmas joy that never was, having both Bananarama's Greatest Hits Collection and The Best Of Dead Or Alive LPs under the tree December 1988! Oh, with The Human League's first best of, too!
  14. "Youthquake" will remain my fave DOA/PWL Record - it still sounds so fresh today!
    "Cake and eat it" would be my all time fave song of theirs - just for that intro and build up!
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  15. It almost goes without saying, but...

    Sophisticated Boom Boom - 9/10
    Youthquake - 10/10
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know - 10/10
    Nude - 10/10
    Fan The Flame (Part I) - 10/10
    Nukleopatra - 9/10

    So in short, the oft mentioned imperial phase in the quality of their output lasted over 20 years and six consecutive albums. Few artists will ever come close to achieving the same.

    Fan The Flame (Part I) in particular seems to get overshadowed (understandable, given the sheer amazingness of what preceded it), but it really is in so many ways the dancier partner to the Pet Shop Boys Behaviour and is packed with gorgeous, glossy, dripping-in-decadence, elongated pop masterpieces. The production, the strings, the backing vocals, the synths, the harmonies, the melancholia, the song structures, the artwork - it's an near hi-concept disco album for a new decade that towers above most of the musical landscape of 1990.

    Treat yourself to eight minutes of incredible...

    ...and also to be filed under shoulda-been-a-massive-hit...
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  16. Pye


    I'd rank the albums in this order with my favorite 3 tracks from each

    Youthquake - I Wanna Be A Toy, You Spin Me Round, My Heart Goes Bang
    Nude - I Can Not Carry On, Stop Kicking My Heart Around, Get Out Of My House
    Sophisticated Boom Boom- Misty Circles, Far Too Hard, Wish You Were Here,
    Nukleopatra - International Thing, Sex Drive ,Nuckleopatra
    Mad Bad &Dangererous to Know - BrandNew Lover, Special Star, I'll Save You All My Kisses
    Fragile - I Promised Myself, I Paralyze, Hit And Run Lover
    Fan The Flame (Part 1) - Gone 2 Long

    I'm really surprised for the love of Fan The Flame on here. Ive always found it a really dull album. Yes it has a slick sound and Pete looked fab around this period but that's where it ends for me. Even the only track I like on the album (Gone 2 Long) is better re-recorded on Nuckleopatra.
    When Nukleopatra came out it was a real pleasant surprise, who expected a Dead Or Alive album in 1995?..... well I didn't. I discovered the album by accident one lunch break while browsing in Virgin records.
    I'd got the International Chrysis 'Rebel Rebel' CD single the previous year and thought that signalled the end of Dead Or Alive.
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  17. I just hope we might now finally get an early years compilation of their original EPs. I’m still baffled as to why they weren’t included in the Doom Box.
  18. Ok, here's my Dead Or Alive album rankings along with fave track from that album (although I reserve the right to change my mind frequently depending upon my mood!):

    1) Nude - "Stop kicking my heart around"
    2) Mad Bad & Dangererous to Know - "Come inside"
    3) Youthquake - "Lover come back to me"
    4) Fan The Flame - "Gone 2 long"
    5) Nuckleopatra - "Sex Drive"
    6) Fragile - "I Promised Myself"
    7) Sophisticated Boom Boom - "That's the way (I like it)"
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  19. I remember how exciting it was when the box set came out. Even with all the issues, it was quite the experience - and I still haven't listened to every disc (and repressed disc!).
  20. Me neither! That's the trouble with these huge career spanning boxsets, there just isn't the hours in the day to listen to all of them. All the (many) problems did take the shine off it at first but now that all the mistakes have been corrected I really must make the time to sit down and listen to the whole thing.
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