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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by manlove, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Copyright, much like the Five Star box not containing their earlier single. It's not as if people don't try to include such things, but if you aren't permitted to license stuff, there's not much you can do about it, other than cancel the whole project.
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  2. Pye


    I'm so glad I never bought this after reading about all the problems. I already have the albums in various formats the singles,12" vinyls which Ive collected since the 80's
    I think I can do without live tracks, instrumentals and remixes of remixes of their singles etc
    Box sets are great for people who don't have a lot of the material but as a longtime fan who's collected since the 80's, one starts to feel a bit ripped off! I'm not buying the Soft Cell box set either
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  3. The problems with the CD box set were fair enough, but with the replacement discs it’s now a great package.

    The vinyl box set however is absolutely lush and worth every penny. It sounds great, too.
  4. I was a bit let down by the lack of a good breakdown of the tracks in the book. Something was missing from those boxes (I have both versions) to make it wow and complete standalone.
    Also never got round to playing more than 2-3 discs but have put this back on my pod tonight.
  5. Thank you this thread! It's nearly half past three in the morning and now I have to rip the Gloom box to my iTunes.
  6. Have you finished yet? That took hours to import!
  7. Just over half way through. It's been on my to do list for waaaay too long, along with the Camouflage box.
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  8. I hope you used the replacement discs!
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  9. Of course!

    I've just been reminded of how absolutely essential Brand New Lover is. If I remember correctly, it came out around this time of year. Same day as A-ha's 'I've Been Losing You' and Marc Almond's 'Ruby Red' I think. Great day!
  10. Brand New Lover is epic and really should have returned them to the Top 10.
  11. To be honest, I prefer it to You Spin Me Round. It's such a brilliant track.
  12. Sep 22nd 1986, I think. Lots of great stuff out that week, if memory serves.
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  13. Just checked, Brand New Lover was Sep 8th and Ruby Red was 2 weeks later, October 6th.
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  14. I prefer Brand New Lover to You Spin Me Round too. The latter has definitely suffered a bit from over playing whereas Brand New Lover sounds somewhat fresher. The extended mixes are great too - "I want surprises"!
  15. I'm a total flop fan. I always thought he was singing "I want some PRIZES".
  16. For completists: rip both defective and replacement discs tho. I did. Hehehehehe
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  17. I’ve just listened to the 12” single mix of Come Home With Me Baby for the first time in ages and what a record!

    I’m so used to the album version because I play Nude very, very regularly, but that single mix really is a shining of example of how to polish an album track into an absolute banger of a single.

    The vocoder, the extended breaks, the synths! LOVE.
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  18. Come Home With Me Baby 12" is Freestyle heaven.
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  19. Do we know yet who holds Dead Or Alive's catalogue? Is it Lynne and Marina?
  20. I definitely remember hearing Pete say in a TV programme years ago that he had to sell off his back catalogue to pay his mounting debts. I would imagine they would have been sold to a record company.
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