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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by manlove, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. The rights issues with Dead Or Alive are very confusing. As you mentioned, Pete said he sold off the rights to his back catalogue to pay off his debts. However him and Steve were also able to block Sony reissues of their back catalogue. The Cherry Red reissue of Sophisticated Boom Boom was unauthorised, but unauthorised by whom?
    I once asked Pete about reissuing their early EPs but he said the masters were long gone. However years later Steve Coy hinted that would be the next release after the Doom Box.
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  3. For me Sophisticated Boom Boom is a masterpiece

    I've been into Dead or alive since about 1992, but only discovered SBB around 1995 when I found it on cassette, that album got me through some tough times when I moved away from home aged 18, that album along with TFF's The Hurting and TT's Into the Gap and Quick step were constantly on my walkman
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  4. Do you mean 1982 / 1985?
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  5. 1992, I'd heard YSMR way before that, but I remember watching Lover come back to me on a music programme and liked it so bought Youthquake and then gradually the rest of the back catalogue
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  8. Sophisticated Boom Boom arrived today and it is a beautiful thing. I hope we get Rip It Up as well before Nude.

    With Dead Or Alive, Bananarama and Madonna alone these last few months, I could have remortgaged the house (or built a new one out of coloured vinyl!).
  9. I'm loving the DOA vinyl reissues, I hope there are more next year.
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  10. I can't even play vinyl but I'd definitely buy Nude just to frame as a work of art!
  11. Go ahead!
    27 For Sale from €3.33
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  12. I think it wasn't until after SBB that they renegotiated their deal to include band approval - hence why SBB CR reissue was released without their consent.

    I think those early EP's masters will be about somewhere. Probably in a lock up somewhere in Liverpool. Pete was very vocal about his dislike for them. Shame, as I personally think they were his best work.
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  13. I finally imported/listened to Fan the Flame (Part 1) from my boxset. I have been slow to import everything at once because I want to have time to explore each release, and it was just nice to have Youthquake, MBDTK, and Nude to play on my CD System for the time being. I still need to spend more time with Sophisticated Boom Boom, but I do have that in my library. I'm taking this same approach with Five Star and Debbie Gibson, as I think all three artists' material declined as the years went on.

    ANYWAY, it really is a solid album. Doesn't feel like a short 9-tracker since the songs are so long. I really like Unhappy Birthday, but the whole thing is definitely better than I expected. Not sure when I'll get around to the next two albums, but I'm glad I'm (slowly) persevering!
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  14. I can't even play vinyl but I will definitely be getting this to frame! One of my all time favourite albums and the artwork is beautiful and iconic.
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  15. Still missed. I've emailed Music On Vinyl to thank them for the beautiful coloured vinyl reissues (and to ask that they continue through to Fragile as unlikely as that is!). I so hope we one day get to hear some of these tracks that have yet to see light of day and of course the deluxe reissues and the 12'' Collection and the early years material dusted down. Oh, and if Paul Young is good enough for a singles box, then there should most definitely be one for Dead Or Alive!

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  16. Some exciting news about early Dead or Alive at last. There's a compilation from Cherry Red coming out featuring one Nightmares In Wax EP, two of their early EPs and their John Peel Sessions:

    Birth Of A Nation
  17. No mention of source material, so I expect all the single A/B sides originate from vinyl! It's better than nothing I guess, but I had hoped we'd see a 2CD set of all the Pre-Sophisticated Boom Boom era material one day.
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  18. Awesome! Though quite why they couldn't just put the 15 Dead Or Alive / Nightmares In Wax tracks on one CD is beyond me!
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  19. Oh yes finally, I've been wanting this stuff on CD for forever!

    Edit: Oh... just realised this is a compilation of different artists and not just DOA... oh well better than nothing, but would prefer a complete early DOA/NOW CD
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