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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Sugaste, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. I love Unhappy Birthday and how it pays a little homage to MacArthur Park in the lyrics
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  2. I don't know how to add pics on here but for anyone not up to speed, 2000's Fragile is being reissued 31st July on rather amazing looking 180g double red vinyl. As with their previous albums, it looks stunning! Perhaps Dead Or Alive's artwork works best when biggest.

    Interesting to note the blurb says it's the first time the album has been released in it's original configuration on vinyl - I had no idea the version on Boom Box had different versions of the tracks to the 2000 release!

    Fan The Flame (Part I), Nuklepoatra and Fragile all coming out on an near monthly basis - perhaps paving the way for whatever is next as opposed to a quick buck? We shall see...
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  3. I would be nice to reissue the Evolution compilation on vinyl (and CD), or even do a new Greatest Hits with the best mixes etc...
  4. I’d rather they release a new compilation with all the odd bits that were missing from the Boom Box such as the full-length “Nukleopatra”, the 1995 mix of “Unhappy Birthday”, the single versions of “Rebel Rebel” and “Sex Drive” (both versions, the Glam original and the Radio Edit), the Evolution edit of “I’m A Star”, the first four singles they released, and both the Buzzing Bees Mix and 2009 Mix of “You Spin Me Round”. I’m sure there are other stuff in the vault (such as Fan The Flame part 2 tracks) to fill it up with.
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  5. Snap! And I’ve given it many spins, but it always ends up like background music. Which is a shame because “Your Sweetness” is a phenomenal track which I enjoy, but with a lot of the rest of it there isn’t enough oomph or the tracks feel simply too long.

    I much prefer the Nukleopatra versions of Unhappy Birthday and Gone 2 Long.
  6. I listened to That’s the Way I Like It greatest hits yesterday and I found it quite exhausting, it was quite an intense experience!

    I decided to work my way through the studio albums instead, I’m on Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know and honestly I’ve enjoyed their first 3 albums so much, they’re all pretty solid start to finish.
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  7. Fan the Flame vinyl arrived today. After discovering this album earlier this week and listening on repeat, I am in love with this album.
    However, the vinyl has the original sequencing, which, is perfect! Why they altered it is beyond me, it makes more sense starting the album with Your Sweetness.
    I can see a few of you don’t enjoy this album but I love the sound of that production, so an entire album of that sound is welcome to me!
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  8. So all the albums have been released/announced on vinyl now.
    I’m hoping we get those 2CD/DVD reissues that we all desire next.
  9. I’m trying to understand why there’s a Christmas song dumped on the end of Fan the Flame, in fact, this song seems to make a few appearances on their back catalogue.
  10. The mix of Blue Christmas on Unbreakabke is the best one
  11. They could still release a Nude re-Made and re-Modelled and Rip It Up
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  12. I agree! Starting with Fan The Flame gets things off to a cold start, whereas Your Sweetness is immediately engaging and sets the tone for the rest of the record. With its original sequencing it is a marvellous LP. I must say I love Blue Christmas. It’s rather moving and is one of the most realistic Christmas songs I’ve ever heard. And a nice companion piece to Unhappy Birthday - a pair of great songs about the sometimes unhappy realities of festive occasions!
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  15. I love Pete Waterman and his tall tales haha. Never stop, Pete!
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  16. In not entirely welcome news, it seems Unbearable is the next cab off the ranks in our now monthly Dead Or Alive vinyl reissue campaign!

    UNBREAKABLE-THE FRAGILE REMIXES’ Special Edition on Vinyl LP 2 x 180g pale green colour vinyl.

    It will be released on 28th August 2020

    We are delighted to announce the forthcoming Vinyl LP release of ‘UNBREAKABLE-THE FRAGILE REMIXES’, which will be pressed on 2 x 180g pale green colour vinyl.

    This will be the first time that the album has been commercially released in its original Japanese promo 2LP configuration on Vinyl, with the original cover artwork.

    The album was only previously made available in the UK, as a Record Store Day 2017 vinyl 2LP exclusive release and part of ‘Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI’ CD set.

    Side 1

    1. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Y&Co.”B” Mix] 7.54
    2. My Heart Goes Bang [Love Machine Remix] 5.05
    3. Hit And Run Lover [Ventura Mix] 5.01

    Side 2

    1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Zi Zone Mix] 4.35
    2. Something In My House [Deadend Of Eurasia Mix] 5.42

    Side 3

    1. Lover Come Back To Me [Earthquake Mix] 9.31
    2. Isn’t It A Pity [Bustard Remix] 5.15

    Side 4

    1. Just What I Always Wanted [R.M. Hyper Techno Mix] 4.47
    2. Blue Christmas [P.K.G. Remix] 4.32
    3. I Paralyze [B4 Za Beat Remix] 6.35

    Someone clearly has a bill to pay with the rate all of these are being chucked out!
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  17. I’m in two minds about this one as I’ve not heard a single remix. I’m guessing by your post it’s not worth bothering.
  18. My guess is it was a cheap cash-in aimed purely at the Japanese techno-pop market of the time. I don't think Pete & Steve had anything to do with this other than signing off on someone curating it and putting it out, and to my ears at least it's unlistenable. A shame, because Dead Or Alive's near flawless discography up to and including Nukleopatra is a solid 9/10 at least, and Fragile is a decent 7/10 (the original tracks are excellent, but some of the remixed hits bring it down a notch), and then there's Unbearable ... a certified 1/10 - no redeeming qualities musically whatsoever, but the fab artwork earns it a point.

    If they are into reissuing the remix albums now, I'll hope for Nude: Remade, Remodelled and Rip It Up as both are great, but this is a 'no' from me ... and the putrid green vinyl really is the last straw.

    Here's the one track that is vaguely listenable:

    May have gone down a storm at a Tokyo rave-up, but has not been on rotation at Chez Manlove since ever.
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  19. Not sure about this new vinyl announcement....hmm barrel scraping?
    What I would really love is a proper compilation off ALL their early material. (pre Boom Boom)
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