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Dead Set *Warning, Here Be Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sifr, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. I don't watch horrors, but I love this programme. I must say I think think the acting has been really good, which I didn't actually expect. Wasn't aware that it was only on for 30 mins tonight so was quite disappointed with that. I'm hooked though!
  2. debord

    debord Guest

    I enjoyed it, but the second episode really did just fall into standard zombie movie clichés and the Big Brother setting became completely incidental.
  3. Well I am loving Davina as a zombie, Wish she would kill that fucking producer tho (Lives in hope)

    So far so good, I just hope the rest of the week is this great!
  4. SURELY he has to meet the most spectacularly grisly and drawn out death? He's still the only thing I don't like so far, though he was more bearable in the second episode.

    Unless Charlie Brooker's going to make him the only survivor because, you know, you'd expect it to be Jaime Winstone.
  5. I can't wait for tonights episode, have been looking forward to this series for a while now and am enjoying it even more than I thought I would do!
  6. Its a lot better than I thought it would be, Davina's probably better as a zombie than she is in real life!
    Haven't watched it on TV yet, been catching up every night on the internet but might actually watch it on TV tonight.

    And did the woman with the gun used to be in Bad Girls?
  7. Yes she did, She was one of the very few things that were good about Bad Girls in the latter years when it turned shit (i.e After Series 5).

    It continues to amaze - it took my most hated stock character in zombie movies "the psychopathic racist asshole with a gun and a degree of undeserved power" and did exactly what I've always wished everyone would do to that character as soon as they wander into the narrative.

    If you heard an extremely loud "YES!!!" emanating from the South West of the country at around 10.20pm, that was me.
  9. Again, tonight's was great, I'm totally loving this.
    However, I would much prefer the show to just be a full length drama rather than just half an hour each night.
  10. I fucking loved when zombie Angel couldn't get out of the pool, GENIUS!
  11. The undignified comeuppance of the director with a dodgy stomach was inspired! (And gross, obv.)
  12. i know what u mean.

    in the half hour episodes, there is nothing new or no new sub plot or episode arc. wud be much better as a 2 part drama me thinks.

    i am loving it though

    the acting is great, davina is awesome and good to see ashleen and bubble haha
  13. On the other hand, when it's all cut together on DVD, the half hour eps plus the opener should give the whole thing a fairly tight, just-over 2 and a bit hours runtime, so I think it will play much more like a film or one-off drama.
  14. I actually love the format. it is frustrating but it adds to the sense of tension in a way. I liked that tonight's episode developed the characters and plot more. I cannot wait to see how it wraps up tomorrow.
  15. It's not quite as grim as "Threads", but it's pretty close. The director guy carving up Grayson (is that his name?) was spectacularly gruesome. Loved it.
  16. what's Threads? The director is such an asshole, I actually just want him dead, no sympathy for him at all. The stuff with Grayson was very gruesome, surprisingly so.

  17. <a href="">Threads</a> was a BBC nuclear war after-effects drama. It was completely shocking at the time and still is now. Basically imagine the most depressing surburban life you can, but now add the fact everyone is slowly dying of radiation poisoning. I've only seen it was, about 12 years ago in school, but I can still remember scenes vividly. The end is the most hideously fucked up thing ever.
  18. Eek. Threads is genuinely disturbing. And it's set in Sheffield, so it's passed into Sheffield mythology. You can even go for a dance on a Friday night at Threads in DQ...
  19. debord

    debord Guest

    Haha, I knew from the moment she arrived on the scene that the survivor woman would get the guy to kill her. This is really well done but it really is cliched beyond belief.

    I wanted her to fucking eat that twat of a producer (sorry if I have spoilt it for someone but oh well)

    They are playing it all in one go on Saturday night I believe they said after last nights episode but did not say if its on E4 or C4?

    I think they missed a trick not putting it on C4 in the 1st place!

    Bring on the final tonight.
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