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Dead Set *Warning, Here Be Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sifr, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Bastards.

    I mean, you know, brilliant, but still...bastards.
  2. Well quite a good ending, Glad it was not all happy cos I hate it when it's all happy happy endings with stuff like this!

    I was praying one of them would rip the producers throat out but got even better with what happened to that twat.
  3. Indeed. Also nice to think that this show, with a budget probably the nth of say, Land of the Dead, just put on screen possibly the most gory and hideous demise by chewing the world has ever seen.

    And if I'm ever in that scenario, I'm shooting anyone whose overly an idiotic prick immediately.
  4. I would have put that axe right in his flippin' head if he tried to go out of the door, Why they all bowed down to him & let him shout & take over is beyond me.

    You see one (or two in this case) idiots mistake fucked everything up, If that was me I would be out for myself & myself only. Harsh I know but thats how I would be.

    Loved (and I agree with you) even though it clearly had a small TV budget they spent the money in all the right areas. Something Hollywood needs to take a look at after the quite frankly shit "Land of the dead" & "Diary of the dead" THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!!!
  5. Christ yes, I saw Diary of the Dead last week and it was frigging awful. Apart from the old dude who was a good shot with a bow.


  6. I agree but don't you think an ending like that made it even more shocking?

  7. Me too :)

    On a seperate thing, Yes I get attached also but I have to have some sort of connection with the leads / heroine be it male or female or I simply don't care if they get eaten or not.

    Some films & characters I am hoping & praying they get killed & soon like that bitch in The Mist others like this show / 28 days later / Dawn Of The Dead remake you get emotionally attached & are hoping against the odds that the heroine survives but I think with this show the ending was very fitting indeed.
  8. Did I hear that it will be showing in full tomorrow night?
    I hope it is as I missed the finale.
  9. Yeah, feature length showing is tomorrow.
  10. I've just watched the final 2 episodes and it's sorta fucked me up a bit. I don't know why but I feel really on edge after it. I still loved the whole show, but I've never felt so affected before. Patrick cutting up Grayson's body was horriffic and I couldn't bear to watch. I did like the ending, I guess. You kind of knew there was no way out of there, but I thought for a minute they weren't gonna reveal if Kelly was a zombie or not. Maybe that would have been a better ending if they left it on the back of her head?

    I was gonna buy the DVD but I don't think I can stomach watching it again.
  11. First of all go here if you've missed it :
    you can watch the individual episodes or stream the entire feature length thing.
    I'm with Dazzle. just watched the last episode there and I feel awful! Full of dread. Even though I was watching it on my laptop with daylight streaimng in the window and the obviously non zombie world around me, I found it terrifying.


    I thought some of the most tense moments in the whole thing were the horrible moments where the group turned in on itself. This whole program to me felt so creepy because it feels very real and the way everyone basically wanted to kill each other frigthened me. When Veronica says "oh it's just a gameshow" it was horrible. Yet you could totally see it happening in that situation. The producer was obviously a cunt but still I felt ill watching how he died (as much of a vindictive thrill it could have been). Technically speaking this is easily one of the most impressive shows I've seen in ages. I don't know what the budget was but it looked fantastic, it was shot very well and I loved the script. This was an amazing piece of work, and I'm glad they didn't pull any punchs with the ending. I would like to watch it again to catch lines I might have missed and just because it's well made but like Dazzle said I don't know if I could actually stomach it!
    Though if it ended on the back of her head I would have been annoyed. Plus if she wasn't a zombie she wouldn't have gone that far into the room without being made one anyway.
  12. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest


  13. That's kind of where I thought it was going. I guess neither would have been preferable from a certain character's standpoint - either way, it's pretty much a bad thing!

    My DVD should arrive tomorrow - hope the extras are good.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    The photo on the DVD back cover is GRIM.
  15. The Davina one or the boss one? They're both a bit ewww aren't they?!
  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Both. But the display cases are worse as the images haven't been cropped...
  17. I added this to my Lovefilm but I'm not sure I want to see it, I watched about 40 minutes of the Saturday repeat and decided I don't really like zombie extravaganzas; they're so hopeless and chaotic. It must mean I'm a control freak - I prefer teens at summer camp getting picked off in a nice orderly manner. Zombie apocalypses offer little chance of survival or escape.
  18. I saw the last episode and it just looked like a drama school production to me, and not an especially good one at that.

    As a final send-off for the whole Big Brother concept it would have been a brilliant idea, but that almost certainly isn't the case, so it's just yet another average E4 show with a huge marketing budget.
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    The first 20 minutes of the first episode are quite brilliant.
    Admittedly that's all I've seen so far, but still.

    I'd have made more of the housemates being oblivious, personally.
    I would have ended it like this:

    Kelly is trapped in the diary room, alone.
    She starts talking and crying to herself.


    "Voice of Big Brother: "Hello, Kelly."

    She looks up suddenly.

    Cut to black.
  20. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    I just downloaded this (Channel 4 won't let people outside the UK to stream it) and watched it all night. My plan was to watch one episode before I went to bed but I couldn't stop watching. I'm impressed even if I didn't get everything they were saying (American english is so much easier to understand). Usually I don't like zombie movies, even with Hollywood budgets, but this was amazing.
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