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Dear Evan Hansen (2021)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ~Paul~, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Stan Positive!
  2. I've always been a What You Want kind of girl myself.

    The fact that all the rips of the MTV broadcast are literally in potato quality, I hate.
  3. After having watched the professional recording of Come From Away on Apple TV, can I just say it's ridiculous that it lost the Tony for Best Musical to Dear Evan Hansen? It is the big, wonderful, life affirming musical that critics said Evan Hansen was, plus the songs are so much better.
  4. Remember Ben Platt's father is a very BIG name in Hollywood and gives sense to everything related to this movie and his son's career.
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  5. Marc Platt's producer credits have only gotten reasonably impressive in the last several years. Prior to like 2015 his most notable credits were Legally Blonde and Rachel Getting Married. I kind of doubt the Tonys were that swayed by the producer of Josie and the Pussycats, Charlie St. Cloud, and Honey 2.
  6. At least Ben Platt will be able to add a Razzie to his awards.

    Sorry, I know everybody wanted him to win an Oscar, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
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  7. And who is this everybody you speak of?
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  8. Maybe those awards were deserved after all…
  9. In my musical theatre days my dance teacher had the touring Pauline actress come teach us this choreo while she was in town. Wish I still remembered.
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  10. I did not like Ben on that Politician show. He was the weak link for me so I don't have any desire to see this unless it's so bad its good? Do we have a new Cats?

  11. No.

    Vox Lux & Malignant, this is not.
  12. The media, the entertainment industry, his dad...

    Going from winning a Tony to winning an Oscar.

    Does the musical WICKED ring a bell to you? Marc Platt is one of the producers of the show since its very beginning, one of the most successful Broadway shows in history.

    In 1998, Composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz made what he called an "impassioned plea" to Universal producer Marc Platt to realize Schwartz's own intended adaptation of the original Wicked book. Persuaded, Platt signed on as joint producer of the project with Universal and David Stone.

    Marc Platt started producing in theatre, before moving into film. He has served as president of production for three movie studios: Orion Pictures, TriStar Pictures, and Universal Studios. Platt has since formed his own production company, Marc Platt Productions, within the Universal realm and continues to pursue creative projects.

    I mean... He has always been rich and powerful in the industry, he is very well connected and those awards were... well, you know how that works.
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  13. I thought Marc had named two of his children Tony and Emmy ddd.
  14. Platt lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Julie (née Beren), and their five children, including Tony, Emmy, Grammy and Razzie Award-winning actor and singer Ben Platt.

  15. What I will find funny is, there’s a good chance this could get a Best Original Song nomination but the one that’s getting buzz is The Anonymous Ones, the Amandla Stenberg co-write, not the song Ben co-wrote.

    Kill his EGOT chances!
  16. It might as well wave at it's box office chances through a window
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  17. Will the soundtrack flop too?
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  18. Why listen to the movie soundtrack, when you have the original stage recording when Bratt was more of age?
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