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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Booers, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. She was great, wasn't she? She's in "the" record books for being the youngest person (or female) to have written, performed and produced a number one hit in USA, or something. She was quite the little britney in the late 80s, but perhaps more talented.

    I remember loving Shake Your Love at the time but it wasn't until about two years ago I remembered Only In My Dreams which is quite possibly now one of my favourite songs ever.

    I have Out Of The Blue and Electric Youth - any other fans out there who appreciate her later albums? Any worth getting?
  2. Deborah Gibson.
  3. She's Debbie on my CDs.

    Did she go all 'Deborah' when trying to make a grown up comeback?
  4. I tried singing Electric Youth at karaoke recently and it goes on forever. It is really good though.
  5. VoR


    I have quite a soft spot for the Masters At Work mix of her hilariously inept 'Justify My Love' knock-off "Losin' Myself".

    We Could Be Together and Only In My Dreams are also ace.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I have quite a H U G E spot for the Masters At Work mix of her hilariously inept 'Justify My Love' knock-off "Losin' Myself".

    One of the last 12" I ever bought.

    Her debut album is 10 out of 10 aceness, Playin The Field being my fave - it's produced by Lewis A. Martinee! The Legend!

    The 2nd album had signs of future floppage especially the side 2 ballads. The singles were all fab though.
    The 3rd album Anything Is Possible proved that indeed anything was possible, like her career ending. The album has 536 tracks, all filler and the cd and cassette versions had even more. Anything Is Possible the single was really good, a slice of cool pop.

    We need a Debbie dvd pronto!
  7. I've had all of he albums at one time or another. The best of the latter stuff is Body Mind Soul - the best tracks being Free Me, Losing Myself and Little Bird. The MYOB album was OK but a bit too cheesy dancey for me.
  8. 'Shock your mama' is up there with 'hurt me hurt me (but the pants stay on)' as bad ideas that should have stayed ideas!
  9. Has her voice broken yet?

    I have a Junior Vasquez remix of Only In My Dreams - lovely.
  10. i've never really known any of her music before but i heard "Electric Youth" for the first time last night and it's brilliant!
  11. ^ Debbie has recorded a new version of Electric Youth with some random rapper and made it all about social networks. I don't enjoy saying this but the song and video are absolutely awful:

    Maybe she purposely made it terrible in the hope of "going viral".
  12. I loved Debbie when I was a very young teen. The greatest hits is probably all anybody needs but I have picked up all her albums at some point, mostly via Secondspin on the cheap. She had a single out not so long ago called 'Snake Charmer' which wasn't that good to be honest.

    Of course Debbie's name goes hand in hand with Tiffany. Strange that as teen sensations Debbie was so much better but Tiffany's output as an adult is by far the better.
  13. I have her stuff, I was a fan... I can still enjoy some of the bubblegum/cheese tracks, like We Could Be Together. She was talented, but unlike Vas, I wouldn't write off her third album, which had some strong material on it. I quite liked 4th album single, Shock Ya Mama too. She had the same problems Billie did when she tried to raunch it up and mature into a sex kitten... the kids didn't get it and the older buyers didn't want it. She had the edge over Tiffany, but not Martika, and yet vocally she was the weaker of the two. She was very wholesome and parents in the USA loved her... she was like a popstar version of Blossom, the TV show. And in my opinionation, she wasn't bad for the time - all singing, all dancing, fun family entertainment! Electric Youth is a tune!
  14. Always have prefered Tiffany out of the three of them and Martika would be second for me, I didn't really like much of Debbie's output after OOTB really. I think Debbie's decline would have happened anyway, no matter what she did with her image, same for the other two. Once MTV stopped playing their videos and majority of radio stations didn't play the songs, they were all screwed.
  15. About time their three debut albums were reissued too.
  16. I don't think they need remastering/reissuing. They're like 1p each online if you look, and some acts are best left where they are. There's no huge fanbase waiting to pay £12 for 2CD deluxe remasters of Debbie Gibson.
  17. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    And there is for Bros, Jaki Graham and Haywoode?
  18. Out Of The Blue would certainly make for a decent reissue, shame it's on Warrners in control and WSM, Rhino etc are not exactly pop-centric. The cheapest I can find it on amazon was about 50p.
  19. Not a fan of Shock Ya Mama - the last time Debbie really impressed me was Losin' Myself. Amazing song.

    I love her 3rd album but after that, weak production, less catchy songs and her voice has not matured. It is shrill without any depth.

    Tiffany kicks her ass. Colour Of Silence was a wonderful early 00's return to form and her voice has never sounded better!
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