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Debbie Gibson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Booers, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. It's better than anything on OOTB, bar maybe Only In My Dreams!
  2. It could have been a lot worse if he was a Tiffany fan.
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  3. Got the gorgeous box set this morning (praying they do one for Tiffany)
    I haven't listen to Debbie for decades nor have I owned any of her music since the Shock Your Mama CD single, I think Out of the Blue and Electric Youth are the only albums I've heard in full from her so I've made a pretty expensive blind buy.

    Just finished listening to OOTB, what a fantastic album, so much better than I remember.

    I'm guessing there are more sets to follow? Lookin at her discography and there are so many mixes left out of this set.
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  4. My main hope with this set too is that it does well enough for Tiffany to get one next!
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    • My set was waiting when I got in from work yesterday. Oh God, the bonus tracks, the Japanese songs - I'm about to have a nerdgasm. This must be what it feels like to have all your fan itches scratched at once.
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  5. Is there anyway to identify whether or not it’s the “Amazon Exclusive” Edition with the signed autographed picture inside from the outer cellophane wrap?

    (I have sent mine to a different location from where I am & I don’t want to have to ask anyone to open it for me on my behalf over the telephone in order to check for an autograph inside).
  6. Mine has a purple sticker on the cellophane...I'm not sure what was supposed to be signed? Now you're got me paranoid....
  7. C0C3EB36-9C52-4C3B-844E-08D6ADD85033.jpeg
    I though that the circular lilac sticker under the “n” of Gibson saying “Amazon Exclusive” was maybe a way to tell from the outside of the package if the 12” by 12” signed photo was enclosed ?

    Or is there any other way to differentiate the signed from the unsigned version without physically opening it?
  8. I think it’s just if you selected amazon exclusive when you bought it. Just open it to find out, are people really keeping this sealed?
    That hype sticker didn’t peel off for me, ended up ripping it unfortunately.
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  9. I see. I ordered the signed edition but the photo I’ve had sent to me of my Copy has no hype sticker.

    So to be clear, you do have a signed copy & it did have the round hype sticker on the front/ cellophane ?
  10. Yes I got the signed copy, it had the hype sticker on it yes. The signed card is inside on the content page.
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  11. Thank-you.
  12. Ah. I don't appear to have a signed card in mine, and I pre-ordered my box set from Amazon.
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  13. Been listening to the Singles A's and B's, having only heard 3-4 songs prior.

    Some of these Anything Is Possible era b-sides are truly boring, but Japanese-only single Without You is amazing! Glad I took a whirl. One Step Ahead's single mix is also fabulous. Jellybean is a genius!

    We Could Be Together - Electric Youth - Without You are my fav Debbie songs at the moment.

    Edit: So I've now finished Disc 1 (started with Disc 2 for the megabops We Could Be Together/Electric Youth) and holy hell Out of the Blue is such a brilliant pop album! Two tracks are missing, but the 8 that are here have me shook.
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  14. waIT till you hear Play The Field.
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  15. What tracks are missing?
  16. I hope for your sake you are not including So Close to Forever in this assessment. The best Debbie Gibson song.
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  17. Out of curiosity, which 4/5 tracks would you folks cut from "Anything Is Possible" to make it a 11/12 track album?
  18. Aside from @anfunny2003, I haven't really read any in-depth reviews about the box set. Mine is still on the way but I am curious to hear what the PJers have to say!
  19. Still getting through the box set, but have listened to the first four albums and the remixes so far. The set is beautiful! Not really familiar with her albums after electric youth before getting this, but really enjoying it -so far so good!
    The first half of anything is possible is bop central, the second half was a bit blah for my liking. Was also surprised on how good body mind soul is. Shame it wasn’t successful!
    The sound quality is awesome overall and love the new mixes of shake your love and electric youth!
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