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Debbie Gibson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Booers, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. All of them
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  2. Not a fan of that album?
  3. They've done an excellent job on the 'We Could Be Together' set. The quality is startlingly good!
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  4. If only Amazon hadn’t got the signed/ unsigned orders mixed up!
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  5. Play the Field and Between the Lines.

    And sorry @VivaForever but So Close To Forever, The Most Beautiful Love Song, and One Hand One Heart are the only Debbie songs I've heard so far that I can actually say "no thanks" to.
  6. Genuinely shocked more people have not commented on this. I wonder if it’s on all copies? It’s getting 5 star reviews & no-one else appears to have even noticed that!

  7. Wait, there are 2 tracks from Out Of The Blue not included, and people aren't noticing or bothered? That *is* bizarre. They're meant to be complete albums, no?
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  8. Yes, that’s why it’s so strange that it has several 5 Star Reviews on Amazon.

    In other news, Amazon have failed to provide me with a signed copy on the 2nd attempt (after their assurances that the 2nd Copy would be).
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  9. Wait, everyone - I am talking of the A's and B's 2 Disc collection!

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  10. Good news.

    Thanks for clarifying.
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  11. To be fair, the album is probably improved by their absence.

    (Edit: Oh.)
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  12. Thankfully I got the signed print with the Debbie Gibson box set. No Amazon exclusive sticker on the front so I got a little worried. The set looks great, just opened it!
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  13. Ah! Phew all round.
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  14. So if you like Debbie and the first two albums make sure you sample this album that surprisingly is on Spotify

    This was the hit I knew from 1990:
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  15. I'm sad to say that I really didn't enjoy anything else in the box set after the first album bar a few tracks here and there so think I'll just pop it on ebay unless anyone here fancy's a bargain
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  16. This was my fear. Glad I stuck with the compilation, though I would snap up standalones of the first two albums in a heartbeat!
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  17. Because both Debbie & Kylie came out around the same time, I felt guilty for not keeping in touch with Debbie (as I had with Kylie), so I felt this was the perfect opportunity to catch up. I’m confident the later day material will have the ability to grow on me & the Videos DVD inparticular (being a highlight, along with the remixes), is going to become very sought after.

    Interesting fact . . The videos for “Anything Is Possible” By Debbie & the Video for “Step Back In Time” by Kylie, were both filmed in Los Angeles, on the same day in 1990 in different locations. Debbie had booked most of the available contemporary dancers in Town & Kylie didn’t have enough, so a phone call was placed by Kylie to Debbie’s team, asking if she had any to spare & Debbie (being the kind soul that she is), sent a whole load over to Kylie’s set to be transformed into 70’s garb (to the detriment of the finished “Anything Is Possible” video, which was storyboarded to have a crowd of missing dancers).
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  18. Can’t you just return it and get a refund?

    I feel bad that I’ve made zero effort to discover this box set, so much has come out recently and I’ve found myself hooked on Tears for Fears greatest hits, on top of Pvris’ new album.

    The box set has been sat on my desk since it arrived, it hasn’t moved.
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  19. I actually wasn't aware I could send open items back that had been used, seems that I can, thank you
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  20. So I have only just discovered the PWL remix of Anything Is Possible. What a bop!
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