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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Booers, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. It's amazing isn't it? I really hope they do a further Debbie release with the Harding/Curnow Radio Edit.
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  2. It is indeed! Is the harding/curnow radio edit just a shorter version?
  3. Yes they remixed it for PWL but only the extended mix is on the new boxset. I'm hoping the radio edit gets an official release too!
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  4. Whoever thought 'yes its 1990 and we will send a song by a semi-flop artisté to PWL to save it'... was not well.
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  5. I’m expecting Edsel to produce one of those 3 Disc Remix Anthologies By next June. If they don’t, I’m taking it as a rather unfortunate sign the Box Set hasn’t sold in anticipated quantities.

    I don’t think Dead or Alive had enough leftover from their box to do a 3 Disc Remix Set.
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  6. Amazon are really lenient with returns.

    I debated sending it back myself but I've decided I will definitely be giving this box set the time it deserves whenever I can make the time. Those PWL remixes sound fun.
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  7. Just got my set in and it looks gorgeous. The inner "pages" are a nice sturdy cardstock, and the liner notes look pretty detailed for an artist's reminisces.
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  8. It's still an improvement on the album version though no? It sounds dated even for 1990. I kept expecting it to break into Jolene!
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  9. 1989 was PWL’s most successful year, so it’s not too ridiculous that a few months later they were given work! Harding & Curnow were having success with production and remixes well into the 90s too? East 17, Deuce, Let Loose, Sonia, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Dusty Springfield, Grease Megamix, Voice Of The Beehive, Jesus Jones... all charting in the single/album charts with their work 1990-92.
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  10. All I know is I remember reading about it back then and thinking 'PWL mix? That's so past it'.
    East 17, Let Loose were still years to come, Sonia was about to be dropped etc etc.
  11. Well it didn't get a UK release until March 1991, so it was a bit later over here. Quick look on Discogs shows they have 319 production/remixing credits in 1991 alone, so they had plenty of work. They still had bills to pay and people like Kylie, Kim Appleby, Hazell Dean, Jimmy Somerville, Sam Fox, etc. still paid their fee, and we're all loving that stuff still (or again). What was 'in' that year? NOW 19 certainly isn't a "classic" for pop music... in fact, it is the lowest selling NOW album ever!
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  12. NOWs 17-20 were the era when they went back to just two a year,and bigged up the NOW Dance series instead wasn't it.
  13. These boxsets are a fan's dream but surely they must see the value in doing standalone reissues. I was never going to buy a Debbie boxset, and while the Dead or Alive one tempted me, there was ultimately too much material that didn't appeal to me to own. Massive albums like Youthquake, Out of the Blue, Electric Youth, Mad Bad and Dangerous To Know - just seem like no brainers. I'll never understand why Donna wasn't the model for all groups. Offer the boxset (with exclusives) and the standalones. Appeal to non-die hard fans and get twice the sales.
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  14. It does seem crazy that they don't offer the standalone big albums with the hits to tempt the more casual buyer who doesn't want to spend the best part of £100 on a boxset of latterday songs they are never going to listen to. Plus the real hardcore faithful fans will buy the all singing and dancing boxset and the individual releases too! It's a win win for the record company getting us to buy all the same stuff again!
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  15. Summer Rain and What Do I Have To Do tho!!!!
  16. Not sure if it's true but I once read that her record company wanted "One Step Ahead" to be the first single from Anything Is Possible, but Debbie and her mom fought to have the title track. I wonder how successful she would've been that era if she had a different lead single.
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  17. Everyone stop sending your Debbie Gibson boxsets back and listen to the remix disc!

    The 7th Heaven Club Mix of Electric Youth manages the impossible and makes me love that song with it's monster beats, while the Luke Mornay Remix of Shake Your Love transforms it into a Robots With Rayguns style electropop banger! Top stuff.
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  18. I suspect it wouldn't have made that much difference - I suspect the market in 1991 wasn't one in which Debbie was destined to prosper - although the remix of 'One Step Ahead' was quite good.

    Am I right in thinking that 'One Step Ahead' didn't get a CD single format when it was released in the UK? Pretty unusual for a single released in 1991 if so.
  19. I really like it,'s got all the nice pop and rock stuff that charted in early 1991. The "problem" is, in terms of how it shapes up in comparison to most other NOWs, that nearly all the dance-type stuff has been omitted, so as to appear on their revamped NOW Dance series which relaunched in 1990. So there isn't the variety you usually associate with a NOW.
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