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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Booers, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Nobody said anything about EY's singles - they were good to great and Over The Wall was also waiting to happen.

    I Drove All Night was more than mid-sized!
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  2. I'm a bit hesitant to invest into either of these two releases right now, though they are tempting. If the A & B-sides collection had 'Losin' Myself', I'd purchase it in an instant - in spite of the cover. And, like many of you, I am only interested in her first four albums. I've started to appreciate Anything is Possible a few months ago when the box set was announced and I revisited those early albums. Hope she'll release them individually as deluxe sets and include all the club mixes.
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  3. I never paid much attention to them before, but all of those 'Electric Youth' era acoustic/campfire/piano&vocal mixes are really nice. Shame there wasn't a guitar based version of the title track.
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  4. Forgot to mention that both versions of "Only In My Dreams" on 'The Singles A's & B's' sound extremely muffled.

    The Vocal single version already appeared on Rhino's excellent 'Like Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)' set in 2002 with perfect mastering. Seeing as 'A's & B's' is also a Rhino project and consists primarily of "digital clones" (unaltered tracks plucked from previous CD releases), one would assume they would have defaulted to that master. But no.
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  5. Love that set, the 70s one and the single disc series Have A Nice Day and Just Can't Get Enough. Pinnacle of comps.
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  6. Agree about that set, too. Although they could not license a number of '80s classics, it is still a fabulous set. So much fun with bright, colourful art direction and terrific liner notes.
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  7. This is disappointing, but helpful to know!
  8. OK, why didn't anyone tell me that Body Mind Soul was a bit a bopfest?

    And furthermore, why didn't anyone tell me that it contained ELLIOT WOLFF BAWPS???
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  9. One Step Ahead (Single Mix), Love or Lust, and Love or Money are big bops from that era. The ballads have me permanently scared off from listening to the full album though!
  10. The album is much more... concise than Anything Is Possible, and honestly, I found the ballads on Body Mind Soul much more palatable than, say, the ones from Electric Youth or Anything Is Possible. The production is overall smoother and a bit less schmaltzy.

    As a Paula fan, it was an unexpected surprise to see some Elliot Wolff co-writes/production credits. As Debbie notes in the liner notes from the box set, he didn't do "Paula Part 2" with her (probably partly because of Debbie's strong influence on the songwriting, and also the fact that the music scene had changed a lot in the five years in between), and I would agree with that assessment. The best of the three he was involved with would be When I Say No; the worst would be Little Birdie (which, of course, would be Debbie's favorite), but it's still worth a listen.
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  11. Thanks for the info @Jeffo, and I should correct myself. The only songs I've heard from the Body Mind Soul sessions are the boptastic Love or Money, Love Or Lust, and Shock Your Mama. All the horrifying ballads are indeed Anything is Possible related.
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  12. The We Could Be Together box set has now been added to my Christmas list*. I'd better get the bastard, or the BF will be in trouble.

    *Along with Abba: The Complete Studio Recordins book.
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  13. In one of her recent Facebook videos she mentions that a photographer refused permission for one of his photos to be reproduced and included in the box set. I can't help but think it must surely be this one:


    . . as it's such a classic picture that many seem to think is her best ever (myself included) & should have been used for the front sleeve of the "Anything Is Possible" album (instead of the hat one we got).
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  14. Listening to Mind, Body & Soul for the first time, I'm up to Losin' Myself and I'm in love, the quality of this album so far is really great, glad I bought the box set.
  15. It's such an underrated album! Should have performed better.
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  18. So now that I have the boxset (which really is gorgeous. I would kill for something like this from my true favs, but that's another story) I have listened to Body Mind Soul for the first time. I did not expect it to be this strong! Kisses 4 One, When I Say No, and Little Birdie are truly massive anthems. I skipped Anything Is Possible to spin this one so I am curious to see how that one stacks up against the amazing debut, Electric Youth, and very good Body Mind Soul.

    Not sure when I'll be brave enough to play the later albums.
  19. I was also pleasantly surprised by Body Mind Soul when ploughing through the box set. In general it's much better than 'Shock Your Mama' would indicate. 'Free Me' was shouting out to be the lead single!

    Anything is Possible is pretty meandering and far too long but there are a few decent tracks on there. The later albums in general aren't so interesting, but Think With Your Heart is definitely worth a listen, although it's generally slower songs on there.
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