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Debbie Gibson

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Booers, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Yeah Discogs has these:



    I think that was as far as the UK label was willing to go, release a 7" and a Cassette single, poorly distributed. The end.
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  2. This seems quite dated even by 1990 standards. She really didn’t have anything sonically or visually strong enough on the third album to help her break out. The Body, Mind & Soul material was much stronger.

    Still, I’m really hyped for this release but only really for the PWL mixes to be honest
  3. Definitely agree. Body Mind Soul is so much stronger with a handful of single options. I can't imagine anything from Anything Is Possible hitting.

  4. Sounding pretty good!
  5. Anything Is Possible is my favourite album of hers.

    Body Mind and Soul was where she lost me, although Losin' Myself is amazing.
  6. Hear hear.

    The album version is good, but this is a vibe.
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  7. Probably my most treasured Debbie item. One of those rare instances where every mix is ace. So glad they added it to streaming. I could listen to this all day.
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  8. That dELiA*s style capitalization though...
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