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Debbie Harry, her solo years

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The_Rani, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Although often unfairly compared to her success with Blondie, I think Debbie made for a pretty decent, if not very prolific, pop star in her own right in the 80s/early 90s...

    Starting with her Chic collaboration, Koo Koo, which earns some merit not least for living up to its title...


    The single, Backfired is a tune and I especially love the Alien inspired video done on a Doctor Who budget...

    ..."Just drop to a dead stop".

    What are your favourites?...
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  2. The 2 Obvious ones are my faves.

    French Kissing In The USA and I Want That Man.

    I live for this;

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  3. So many good ones.

    "Rush Rush" from the film 'Scarface', produced by Giorgio Moroder
    "Feel The Spin" from the film 'Krush Groove', produced by Jellybean
    "In Love With Love" single remixed by SAW
    "Mind Over Matter" canceled release, recorded for the film 'Summer School', produced by SAW
    "Liar, Liar" from the film 'Married To The Mob'
    "Sweet And Low" single remixed by Phil Harding
    "I Can See Clearly" club remix by Ricky Crespo
    "Lip Service" produced by Toni C.
    "Command & Obey" Groove Thing featuring Debbie Harry, club remix by S'nJ
    "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky" from the film 'Three Businessmen'
    "Uncontrollable Love" Blow-Up featuring Debbie Harry, remixed by Fr/action
    "New York, New York" Single Version, Moby featuring Debbie Harry
    "Two Times Blue" Debbie Harry vs Soul Seekerz remix
  4. Some really good choices in there Pop Life.

    I came across this mix of her 1990 single, Sweet and Low, a couple of months back. I never really paid any attention to it before.

    ...But, in this edit form its pretty great. Don't shoot me, but I listen to it over the PWL version at the moment... and of course it has a wonderful low budget (but this time quite lovely) music video to accompany it.

    According to Wiki the single made no.30 in Australia, is this true? Seemed to have been a huge flop everywhere else - not even a Phil Harding remix could get her into the top 40 in the UK. Does anyone know if she actually promoted it?...
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  5. I'm a sucker for that Almighty Mix too, so good! I remember it got a bit of a push as a single in the UK, but I think it was cancelled. I did pick up an Import in HMV eventually which I treasured at the time. I prefer it to the original 12" mix, which was a bit too sedate for me.
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  6. Debs solo was just not the same as Debs with Blondie. They really WERE a band who brought something to the table, and without those elements it didn't work as well. There were of course some great singles, but she could never get a hit beyond the lead single.

    I actually think Blondie's 'Ghosts of download' is a Debbie project given a Blondie moniker. There's next to no Clem on it, and the music is so different from the Blondie sound. Not a bad album but not quite the same magic.
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  7. I totally agree with your first paragraph, but largely disagree with your second! For me, Ghosts of Download is the best Blondie album since their reunion in 1999 by some margin, although I do appreciate that it is an unusual sound for them. But then, they've always been known for being really varied in that sense.

    I have all Debbie's solo albums except Koo Koo, as Backfired really puts me off. She really doesn't have a good album, but each one always has a few good songs. For me, I Want That Man is far-and-away her best song, but I Want You, I Can See Clearly, Two Times Blue, Brite Side and Sweet and Low are also good. Her solo output is really inconsistent though.
  8. Oh don't get me wrong I do enjoy Ghosts but I loved Panic of girls and I think Pollinator is the album I have finally been waiting for them to make since the reunion.
  9. Yeah, I would agree that Debbie doesn't have a great album. I think Debrevation is probably my favorite overall.
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  10. Totally love that too. Wasn't it one of the new tracks on her best of from the early 00s?
  11. My favourite Deborah tune...Anne Dudley involved I think. It's got the Live To Tell cinematic feelz.

  12. Debravation i agree is best. Def, Dumb and Blonde has too many songs, but Get Your Way and Maybe For Sure are blindingly brilliant.
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  13. Literally 2 of my favs
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  14. I haven't listened to her albums in quite some time actually. I should probably revisit them as I might like them better now.
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  15. I love these...

    I Can See Clearly
    Strike Me Pink
    Sweet & Low
    In Love With Love
    French Kissin In The USA

    Debravation is her best solo album.
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  16. I think overall Rockbird is the album for me, but I agree with everyone else that the solo albums are a bit patchy. No more so than most other acts, maybe our expectations are unrealistic... The only one I never really revisit is Necessary Evil which was just terrible. Not sure I agree that she couldn't get more than one hit off an album due to the quality of the songs, I think it was more likely a lack of interest or poor promotion, or even a bit of ageism/sexism.

    Big fan of Strike Me Pink, she had a great look going on ^^

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  17. I think Rockbird is the only one I ever got into. I probably need to revisit them all. I found it quite hard to find her albums, or even to find out how many there were and their titles (yes gurl, I was alive and well before the age of internet).
    I think I actually never got round to now buying Debravation which I will rectify shortly.
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  18. A friend of mine who loves Blondie saw her live in her solo years and said it was a real slog, she only did a couple of Blondie songs ( I think one was 'Shayla') and I think she was at that point refusing to acknowledge her past and do her solo stuff mainly, but the audience really weren't into it.
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  19. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    As no-one's mentioned it yet, my favourite solo Debbie song has always been this:

    It's probably a bit un-Debbie-ish (which might account for its absence here), but it's such an undeniable tune I can't bring myself to care.
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  20. I actually only really like Rockbird.
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