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Debbie Harry - Koo Koo

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by danseparc, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Any love for this album?

    I can't stop listening to it, and it's way overdue for a remaster, I know it was done last year on some random label, but if any album deserves to be given the Cherry Pop treatment it's this one

    Every track is a classic, well except Chrome

    I particularly love Now I know You Know, Oasis and Inner City Spillover (the brick that smashed her brain, is now a road in Maine...genius!)
  2. KooKoo (no space!) has been re-released 4 times in the last 18 years (1994, 1999, 2009, 2011)! How many remasters do we need? It just came out in November on USA label Gold Legion for $6.99 - a steal and the best remastering job it's ever had, plus an additonal 12" version not previously released. The booklet is thick and full of artwork and excellent liner notes...

    Cherry Pop would be a terrible label to reissue this again for the 5th time - it really isn't a great 'pop' album. That's my opinion. The album is by no means amazing, but it's a nice blend of funk and new wave... it must've been a genuinely refreshing alternative to Blondie's pop overspill at the time. My faves are Chrome and Surrender.
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  3. Oh I didn't realise there were that many reissues, I knew about the 1994 one as I've got that one and have seen the 2011 one but I must have misse the others, thanks for the link I'll have a look when I get in

    It's probably one of the few albums I can listen to all the way through

    Will have a look at the Gold Legion cd ;)
  4. It's very good but the low cost of the CD and shipping has a draw back... it takes about a month to arrive in the post. It's worth it, however.
  5. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I LOVE this album. It has one of the best sleeves of all time and can only be commended for taking one of the world's hottest producers at the time and delivering something completely unexpected. I never get sick of this and even prefer it to some Blondie albums.
    Apparently Backfired didn't get played on American radio due to Debbie, a white singer, duetting with Nile Rogers, a black singer.
    I also love Military Rap.
  6. I've got this on vinyl somewhere (bought from Tower Records bargain cut-out section in the 90s!), but I think I need to get one of those reissues.
  7. I always though Cameo's 'Word up' was very much a rip off of 'The Jam was moving'. I bought this when it was out (I was 10 then and a Blondie nut) but I found it very hard work, but I suppose it wasn't aimed at 10 year olds. I'm still scared to try it though!
  8. Ah, to be a chart-nerd 15 year old again!

    Love this album like warm food! Always have - even 'Chrome'!

    'Backfired' - the most self-destructively prescient in title debut solo single stalled at radio as basically it was too black for white radio and too white for black radio. There was a HUGE disco backlash in the states, especially at Top 40 radio. True fact - despite hitting #2 on its 'sales' chart (and thus, survey), 'Rapture' had NO AirPlay on WLS in Chicago (and almost no other aside from alt-rock WXRT and urban WBMX until it was added as a 'recurrent' to Top 40 WBBM-FM in 1983.) This is as House was fucking gestating and being born no less. 'Backfired' can still occasionally be heard on WXRT a couple of times a year. And the video? Aside from a snippet played during a piece on the album during the initial weeks of 'Entertainment Tonight', it was not added to MTV's current vid rotation - and was seldom seen until it showed up on VH1 somewhere circa '97-'98. By the time it came for 'The Jam Was Moving', the whole KooKoo project was dead and Chrysalis was readying 'The Best Of Blondie' for Xmas.

    What might have bettered the odds? A third single from 'AutoAmerican' (woulda gone with 'T-Birds' myself) and a little more lag time. Still, the Bee Gees 'Living Eyes' project tanked as severely, and Donna Summer's final Giorgio opus didn't see the light of day for another 15 years - both were equally potent rock/dance hybrid artists, so perhaps it really was just timing.
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  9. I thought I had this on vinyl but I'm not sure now... Either way I don't really know it but have popped it back on my iPhone and will give it another spin.

    I listened to Rockbird earlier and even though it's a little 80's-dated sounding it was still pretty fun. I love the album cover.
  10. Def, Dumb and Blonde is still my favourite. It has the best of Debbie Harry - fun pop songs and some songs that sound Blondie-ish.

    Koo Koo is not a favourite but I agree with anfunny's post from a few years back that the Gold Legion reissue is excellent. Proof that they could have been a great reissue label.
  11. I'm not that keen on the album itself. I think all of Deb's solo albums are pretty patchy. The album cover however is absolutely incredible. Possibly my favourite album cover of all time?
  12. Get that HR Gieger genius.
  13. Loved the sleeve artwork on this.

    Still hanging my nose over the Gold Legion remaster.
  14. Is the cover of Kookoo a painting? I think only the needles are a painting not her whole face..What do u think? Please do reply
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  16. I hope the segue between Oasis and Military Gap is restored after the Gold Legion version inserted a gap. Plus a DVD of the videos.
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  17. Mmm yes please, hopefully with lots of extras and yes a DVD would be great as well.
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