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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WowWowWowWow, May 14, 2010.

  1. The queen of the R&B-song-turned-into-a-dance-remix.

    The last time I went out clubbing, I requested "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here," and the place went APESHIT CRAZY.

    And so many other classics:
    "Things Just Ain't The Same"
    "Mr. Lonely"
    "Absolutely Not" (all performances should be done to figure skating)
    "It's Over Now" (still haven't forgiven the Freemasons for what they did to this one)
    "I Never Knew"
    "Easy As Life" from Aida
    and of course, "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" (Couldn't find a radio edit on YouTube, but the whole thing is glorious.)

    I'll be here all day at this rate so I'll stop now.
    Oh and of course before anyone says it, yes she's still going strong, etc. etc. But these are all fantastic classics in my book.
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  2. She's release really dreary songs with AMAZING House remixes.

    Kelly Price and Faith Evans used to do the same.

    I've got loads of their 12" but would buy the albums and never play them.

    Kelly's 'Friend of Mine' is legendary. Can't find the good mix on You Tube.
  3. Just found on Wiki.........

    "In September 2009 it was announced Kelly Price would be joining Deborah Cox and Tamia to form the super group The Queen Project. Their first single "Queen" will be released this fall with a self-titled album due early 2010"

    Sounds fabulous (But obviously in need of remixes) although I bet we would have to go to one of those Gospel conventions at Earls Court to see them.
  4. It's still a great injustice that Mya claimed My First Night with You, Deb's version is so incredible and superior. I'll say it again her debut desperately needs a remaster, surely they could do one for iTunes.
  5. I got her debut album back in the day, I remember digging Who Do U Love.
  6. I loved Deborah's maxi-singles in the late '90s. Those remixes were top-notch. She and Hex Hector made a great pairing. Her albums though were a bit patchy for me.

    My biggest problem wasn't Deborah herelf but the way she was marketed. Clive hyped her as the next Whitney which didn't bode well for Deborah's career.
  7. Easy As Life is incredible. As are the club mixes of Same Script, Different Cast with Whitney.

    I'd kill for a Deborah 2CD remix collection.
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  8. It has already been remastered a 2cd edition
  9. Same Script Different Cast was wonderful though. Loved it when she did it with Tamia too.
  10. She was fantastic in the 2013 revival of Jekyll & Hyde. I suggest her songs on the soundtrack if any of you are theatre queens!
  11. I didn't realise there was a version with Tamia. Love it.

    And now Deborah's career is appearing in the Bodyguard musical and singing the soundtrack to the Lifetime Whitney biopic.
  12. I like Deborah's voice just fine but I don't get Whitney vibes from it. I find their tones are very different, although I heard Deborah did a good job singing Whitney's songs for the Lifetime film.
  13. I agree - I think the tones are very different (although obviously Deborah has the skill).

    Deborah did a decent job for the Lifetime film:
  14. Beautiful U R is still on radio quite a bit. Bless Canada's 30% schtick.
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  15. EIGHT years later?!
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  16. Canada has this thing where radios have to play 30% (might be a different percentage) Canadian artists so there's still a lot of "old" songs played. Shania still gets spun regularly.

    Or ignore this and just think "eight year impact when will your fave!!!"
  17. I'm going to go with the latter. :)

    Don't they just fill the 30% up with Drake, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber? It's not like there's a shortage of successful Canadian artists. They could go apeshit on the new Celine Dion single if they wanted.
  18. I imagine Celine is more popular on Quebec radios, Drake is pretty popular but poor Carly is just as snubbed as the rest of the world. We love our throwbacks.
  19. Better Deborah than Nickelback.
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