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Decade In An Album: K-Pop's Favourite B-Sides | WINNER!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Starting this with intense promo for a song that will surely finish on my ballot.

    Here as promised! I am a huge-huge fan of any countdowns(I mean I'm an Eurovision fanatic for first 5 months of the year, so that explains it) so here's another one, after we rated K-Pop's favourite songs from 2010-2019, people were feeling unsatisfied having to resort to giving singles from their favourite group points instead of beloved b-sides cause of the charting rule. So here I am like a savior to champion your flops, deep cuts and personal faves.
    Let's get to awarding points to the faves you so sadly had to cut from Dangerous Maknae's rate.


    - Compose a ballot consisting of 20 album tracks released from 2010-2019 in any language released by a K-Pop act (Group or solo)
    - You are allowed to send J-Pop, C-Pop Or UK-Pop songs but just if they're released by a K-Pop act.
    - Your #1 song gets 20 points, and so on until your #20 song gets 1 point
    - You can send commentary, but really it's better for you if you just quote my post writing something emotional and that way we both get likes x
    - Now the rule everyone has been waiting for. You get 2 album tracks per act. I always wanted to do this rule but seeing the campaigning in the thread made it even easier.
    - The rule up goes with a consquence, if you're gonna vote for a group with a subunit, for example for 2 Girls Generation songs you can only vote for 1 of their subunit songs. You can't just go and fill half of your ballot with one group cause they have 33 subunits, hey LOONA.
    -While we're at them, LOONA solo pre-releases, all go under LOONA. You can vote for 2 LOONA songs and 1 more song from any other unit going by rule above.
    - No singles please! I will not be very strict about this rule, you can send so called promotional singles cause thats not really a single in K-Pop. Just please no Boombayah or Clap Your Hands. Anything that got a video is off limits, except couple of cute videos some groups might have done for their b-sides, but we'll talk about that.
    - I will be releasing all the songs, so don't worry about your lower points, all the songs on your ballot will get a chance to shine.
    - PLEASE DON'T BE RUDE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES CHOICES. Comments like 'Why this one, when that one is better, why AX when AY is right here' are really not appreciated. Remember that some of these songs mean a lot to certain people and even if you don't enjoy them or prefer some other songs from the artist or album keep it to yourself or choose the song yourself!

    - Send your lists until March 7th.
    The day after I finish my last presentation, wish me luck x
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  2. You may now send your recommendations or just talk about how awesome I am xx
  4. Ok but can we have a rule where we can send 15 f(x) songs?
  5. Is it groups overall or only girl groups? And no solo-artists?
  6. Omg acts overall, I am dumb for not making that clear. No idea why I wrote girl group only
  7. Let's get it, girls!

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  8. I’m sooooooo excited for this! B-sides are the reason I continue to stay hooked on k-pop, I listen to them far more often than the title tracks tee bee aich.

    Only being allowed to pick two Red Velvet songs is gonna be... tough. I’m gonna need to listen and think hard on which ones to choose.
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  9. 'Trick' for the win, juseyo.

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  10. FYC, Orbitches...

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  11. they all need to be in top 20.
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  12. I'm ready to join the SM stans in this one.
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  13. Stunning!
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  14. Come on... COME ON! This creepy stalker bop needs to chart!
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  15. what are you do i have to choose between these songs

    and whatever gets released tomorrow????

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  16. Didn't Labyrinth actually come out in this decade, not 2010s?
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  17. I really have trouble with the concept of decades.
    Okay I replaced it ddddd.
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  18. Does "Long. Lasting. Battery. Life!" count?
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