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Decade In An Album: K-Pop's Favourite B-Sides | WINNER!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Drat. I think one was my third choice.
  2. This better be Girl's Talk xx
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  3. #93

    After School - Dress To Kill

    Points: 24
    17 (@SloMover), 7 (@lalaclairi_)
    Year: 2014
    Album: Dress To Kill
    Artist Appearance: 7

  4. #92

    AOA - Joa Yo!

    Points: 24
    20 (@RUNAWAY), 4 (@codecat)
    Year: 2014
    Album: Short Hair
    Artist Appearance: 5

  5. Yaaaaas @codecat!!! I love you unnie!

    The one and only live performance (in Japanese) really just highlights how special a group they are to me. Jimin's raps are my favorite part, and her trading off with Chanmi and just looking like they're having the best time ever is one of the most special moments to me in their career. I wrote something similar to this in @ohnostalgia's countdown as well (because I voted for this song there too), but it's just such a special song for me, and carries so many warm feelings to me.

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  6. Having a BoA binge tonight. Her albums and minis are truly fantastic, very little filler. Kiss My Lips has so many brilliant songs, Fox and Green Light being the non single highlights.

    It's a shame WHO'S BACK was more of a single compilation. I feel like her including all the single b-sides put people off it as an album at the time but honestly it's so fucking good.
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    Miss A - Help Me

    Points: 25
    14 (@RUNAWAY), 11 (@aux)
    Year: 2011
    Album: A Class
    Artist Appearance: 2

  8. The top 100 has been stacked so far. Metronome is probably the best Weki Meki song that I've heard.
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  9. He


    Uncover and See Saw coming up.
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  10. I lowkey should’ve voted for Uncover over what I picked for OEC...
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    BTS - Mikrokosmos

    Points: 26
    16 (@Wills), 7 (@Salami), 3 (@savilizabeths)
    Year: 2019

    Album: Map Of The Soul: Persona
    Artist Appearance: 4

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  12. Yes Slicey come through! The build-up within the song is masterful. Just an epic chock-a-block tinker toy electro-pop banger.
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    4Minute - Tickle Tickle Tickle

    Points: 27
    15 (@Hurricane Drunk), 12 (@SloMover)
    Year: 2015

    Album: Crazy
    Artist Appearance: 6

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  14. Why can't I find this on Spotify? The Monochrome album album seems all there but not this song?

    BTW, I am doing the top 100 playlist. Stay tuned.
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  15. Toy is legit one of f(x)' best deep cuts. The taste!

    My favorite Lee Hyori song having 3 voters?

    I love you all. xx
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  16. #84

    SHINee - Beautiful

    Points: 27
    16 (@lalaclairi_), 11 (@vague)
    Year: 2013

    Album: Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of You
    Artist Appearance: 14

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