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December + Best of 2018 PJ Charts: And Your #1 Song of 2018 is....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I'll do Kate Bush for you!

    Can you find space for One Touch? I have fond memories of awaiting its write-up by @beyoncésweave during that iconic rate around Xmas time a year or two ago...

    Also to thank that wonderful Weave - how about we vote Promises and New Year too? It is Christmas month after all...

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  2. Honestly I just have to say one of my favourite moments of the entire year is seeing some of you respond to Goldilox back in August, taking her absolutely insane EP into the top ten and ‘Sex Paranoia’ organically charting too. So thank you again everybody that listened back then.

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  4. ddd okay!
  5. Ignore the haters and vote for what critics are rightfully hailing as one of the best albums of 2018! It’s got bops, it’s got ballads, it’s got artsy white noise, it’s got weird depressing monologues about being addicted to the internet!


    Is Matty Healy pretentious? Yes! Is his music still amazing? Yes! Are his lyrics profound? Yes! Would I let him do whatever he wanted to me? Yes.
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  6. Make My Wish Come True-a-ooooooo! Oh Baby all I want for Christmassssss iiiiiiiisssss... for The Distance to get TOP 5!

    December is a slow month for new music and we actually have a shot at getting this amazing track into the year-end rate! I'm tagging those that have voted for it before.

    @Aester @Animalia @LE0Night @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Kuhleezi @BEST FICTION @CorgiCorgiCorgi @klow @ufint @Island @vague @beyoncésweave @Sprockrooster @Posh Spears @evilsin @CasuallyCrazed @Robsolete @londonrain

    It's NOT impossible!* I looked back at previous charts and typically songs in the Top 5 have around 100 points or more. So let's say 120 to be safe! If each of us give it at least 7 or 8 points, it's a shoe-in. I will be giving it 10 points. (kii.. even though 19 of us have voted for it, there was almost no voter overlap for those that voted for it in Oct and those that voted for it in Nov except @londonrain @Robsolete @Sprockrooster and myself.. so we just need to pull together for the track we obviously all enjoy.)

    Mad about Caution not getting into the BPG rate?!?! Get your revenge here and vote for The Distance!
    Not mad? Vote for it anyway and I promise I'll vote for your fave when you call in the favor! C'mon I even changed my avi from Carly (which if you know me, you know kills me!) Please, Please vote!


    Ps. Also please vote for:
    Mariah - All I Want For Christmas Is You - Because it's December and you know you want to!
    Rita Ora - not only because @Robsolete deserves it but because the music does too!
    Christina - for the year end chart because it's not only good for @BEST FICTION 's health but also yours too.
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  7. YES at this dedication! We are making that third charm shine bright!
    I would like to clarify that I voted for the track also both months!
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  8. Oh I should like. Listen to this. Please tell me it's better than the last two.
    Fuck it, I'm in.
  9. Sorry! fixed. xoxoxo Yes, love your dedication too! Let's do THIS!
    YASSS! Thank you!
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  10. Well, I did vote for The Distance for 2 months now, why not the 3rd, right?
  11. Yay! Yes, we're going to make this 3rd time the charm! xoxoxo
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  12. I reeeaaaalllly like Gabrielle Aplin's new song. It's that song you need at this time of year, sometimes. The video is really well done, too.

  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I am screaming at all this brigading going on. I assume the Rina and Grimes fans aren’t going to let those late November releases go. Maybe Red Velvet?

    What if Zayn goes 1 because one listen of his album is 26 tracks.
  14. Remember when there was no important English release last December that Hyuna randomly won this??

    I hope Taeyeon sees the opportunity and drops something soon.
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  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Well I see @LE0Night has been working on the year end playlist.

    So many tracks to alphabetize.
  16. Not a fan of the implication that Hyuna, queen of hoe anthems and strongly worded letters to Cube, and her iconic Lip Hips & Nips did not fully deserve to win.

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  17. [​IMG]

    (*not included: career-defining opus Shittosarerubeki Jinsei aka A Life To Be Envied from adult/contemporary pop vocal album Hatsukoi by Utada Hikaru because Japanese media are still stuck in the streaming stone age.)
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