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December + Best Of 2019 PJ Charts: Goddamn, Man Child

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. @LA Hallucinations
    @Petty Mayonnaise
    And moi, @ohnostalgia
  2. And that's all folks. Now, do you want me to open the PJ Chart Rate in mid-January with a reveal in mid-February, or open it mid-February with a reveal mid-March? I'm okay with either.

    And don't forget to thank @berserkboi for saving me with the ballot entry.

    January charts will open sometime around the 15th.
  3. Whatever is easier for you.
  4. I'd prefer it to be earlier for January unless you've tired yourself out.
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  5. Always a pleasure to assist you, my love. Anytime you need it, just ask and I'll see what I can do! :D

    Also - a preview of the track I will be campaigning to retro chart next month! It is actually the best selling French song in Japan in HISTORY and came out in January 1964! Sylvie Vartan outsold The Beatles back then and invented Misandry Justice over 56 years ago! I could not believe it!!

    Calling all my French lovers for this one! @Maki @Island @evilsin @WoW73 @pop3blow2 @vague and everyone else!!
  6. I was getting kind of worried going through the Best of, thinking everyone just forgot to vote for the iconic Kpop songs of the year and then they all ended up in the top 15 whew. Good to see CLC still in the upper echelons with TWICE and APINK. I’m surprised Fancy You the album was so much lower than Feel Special but also tea.

    Thanks for your hard work spreading the word about these bops @ohnostalgia
  7. Im sure you would think Robyn was in a similar scenario, so let people stan for their favs.
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  8. Everyone's collective love for Never Really Over continues to amaze me.
  9. aux


    Nah, not really. I’ve dragged Robyn when she has released subpar material. Thankfully, that rarely happens.

    Love + Fear is a disgrace to Marina’s catalogue, considering her first three albums are excellent.
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  10. Yay! Fleur made it - thank you @londonrain and @Robsolete!
    Of course I'll check @londonrain's review.

    Of course the only FKA twigs song I voted for didn't make the charts ("mary magdalene") and "BIGGER" was paid dust, too (taste @eliminathan).
  11. I think I was too used to the Dagny song to really enjoy it as much as everyone else did.

    I still think it deserved to do better on the IRL charts, though, so I'll accept it dominating the PJ charts!
  12. Thanks @ohnostalgia for running this all year! Don't worry about mistakes, I literally wouldn't even know how to begin making an Excel for this sort of stuff, anyone who runs successful rates and charts amazes me.
  13. Yeah but I don't agree with this, therefore why I gave 10 and 6 points.
  14. Congratulations for a fantastic year with the charts @ohnostalgia - looking forward to another year of the slay.
  15. Thank you so much @ohnostalgia for all of your tireless work on these charts every month! We DO NOT DESERVE YOU!!! Also the Let's Get Lost into Real Love moment you shared from the Carly concert gave me chills. Also my favorite concert experience of this last year! XOXO
  16. I’m leaning towards January with a February reveal because that’s when the PJ Charts will feel most relevant. Most of you will know the songs so it shouldn’t be hard to do three Eurovision ballots, and @berserkboi said he would help enter ballots if I need him to. My only concern is that it would be too much to focus on while everybody is working on Ultimate 2010s countdowns. But if y’all think that’s not a problem, then I’ll probably go for that and stagger it with the regular PJ charts.

    I’ll also still not have a job to go to for half the voting period this way.
  17. Agreed. Dagny needs more recognition, always.
  18. You forgot my list.... *sadface*
  19. @WoW73
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