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December + Best Of 2019 PJ Charts: Goddamn, Man Child

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Hey all! My best of 2019 FYCs will come soon (and yes, I have a lot) but first, here's one for your December chart:

    Bluebiird is the musical persona taken on by Emily Osment, and she released this earlier this year, and it completely passed me by. I'd love to see if we can get her to chart here.
    It has an almost folky feel so maybe @Lila @ohnostalgia @pop3blow2 and others might like it?
  2. 2019 Year End Ballot ALBUM FYCs:

    Cuz I Love You - Lizzo
    Dedicated - Carly Rae Jepsen
    Hey, I'm Just Like You - Tegan & Sara
    Happiness Begins - Jonas Brothers
    Charli - Charli XCX
    Lover - Taylor Swift
    Beauty Mark - Ciara
    Sucker Punch - Sigrid
    Saves The World - Muna
    Thank U, Next - Ariana
    Madame X - Madonna
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  3. The flavor this list has...whew.
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  4. Y'all know there's only 10 spots right
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  5. Yes but FYCs are unlimited. Have fun narrowing down your list. It's been a great year for pop music!
  6. I won't have fun because it's going to be so damn HARD to choose my top 10.
  7. I gave this a listen & quite liked it! I'll put in on my list for points this month.

    (PS: Listen to Maisie Peter's EP ['It's Your Bed Babe, It's Your Funeral'] if you haven't. If you like it maybe you can spare some points & we can both get a Christmas Chart wish answered... haha!)
  8. Awesome, thanks! And will do!
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  9. Camila's album is not very strong but she might get my #1 album for December charts. Also these two will definitely make it to my songs list:

  10. Here I thought we might escape any Camila mentions this month.
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  11. Hey Little Mussies! What Kacey Christmas song are we rallying around? Ribbons & Bows? Glittery? Christmas Makes Me Cry?
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  12. aux


    Considering December doesn’t have many releases, can we make Honey by Robyn the Christmas number 1? Thanks xoxo
  13. Yes campaign for My Oh My! I love it.
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  14. I have two Kacey songs on my preliminary ballot right now: A Christmas song & a Frozen song.

    My Xmas song is 'Ribbons & Bows'.

    I still just adore her take of 'All Is Found' from Frozen II. I'd be fine charting that, too!
  15. I had some room left on my song chart this month so of course I supported a French Queen! Feel free to do the same!

    @Phonetics Boy - Have you seen this one?

    (74 Year Old Sheila singing French Hip Hop Classic Dja Dja and doing it well with Anggun in the background bopping along! We have no choice but to stan forever!!)

    Here is the other song I supported, her Xmas tinged classic!

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  16. I can't see Harry Styles making a large impact on my charts at all so I'll likely send my charts tomorrow.


    Especially the title track and Look at Me Now.

    Far is one of the best pop songs of the year.
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  17. This scared me.

    This one has nice carpets. I might bump Grimes off my ballot if I don't forget.
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  18. Some Thursday releases:

  19. Honestly, Sabotage deserved so much more, and with the new music video, maybe we can give it the proper amount of love this month?
  20. Not enough people voted for Kyan's album from last year for it to chart.
    I will not accept the new album with Nicopop. to not chart when it has actually has a PJSC winner on it

    Consider, steam, vote.
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