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Delphic - Acolyte

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Debut album is out there now, released officially Jan. 11 in the UK. It sounds brilliant. "Doubt" and "Submission" were the immediate standouts for me, having already heard and loved "This Momentary," but the title track is also an epic bundle of beauty. And how gorgeous is this artwork?

  2. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    I saw/heard them on Later... a few weeks back. Struck me as very New Order circa 1986. Which is no bad thing, I suppose!

  3. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    Can't actually wait. Been following them for a while.
  4. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    Nice chill out record, but nothing revolutionary. The title track is a solid lonnnnng jam and the final song, Remain, is very pop epic end-of-album-y!
  5. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    That is very beautiful artwork. I think they have a chance of winning The Sound of 2010, as I'm not too sure they'll go for Goulding as she's a bit too obvious.
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    Though I'm not sure I would characterize it as "chill out," I did come to this album consciously avoiding hype-coloured vision glasses. Indeed, it's probably not a revolutionary album. One could even characterize Delphic as just the "indie-band-of-the-moment," but I am enjoying the debut, and certainly from the promise of "This Momentary" I think it's turned out rather nicely.
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    I was pretty excited to see the posters around when I was out yesterday, but I have to say the artwork's a little reminiscent of the Frankmusik single covers, which is not a good thing for me.
  8. RJF


    Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    Well, they're playing close to me and the tickets were only £8, so I'm going to see them in around two weeks. I'll report back how good they seemed!

    I really like this album. It gradually gets stronger as it goes on and it's kind of a Sigur Rós-meets-Muse sort of record, with the epic soundscapes, the crescendos, and the slight pop sensibilities. And since they are both my favourite and second favourite bands, this is a good thing!
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    For anyone going to see Delphic may I also recommend the support band Mirrors. Quite Kraftwerk influenced (suits, straight line up on stage behind lots of electronics) if you like that kind of thing.

    I think the Delphic album is good and pretty consistent throughout but more an album to be admired than loved.
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    I ordered it today. Am expecting it to be pretty good, so I am hoping it won't disappoint!
  11. RJF


    Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    I ordered mine from Play, and I'm not sure if there's a chance it'll be signed, or if it'll definitely be signed. Either way, I'm excited to receive it!
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    Has anyone had their copy shipped from HMV? They've said 'now shipping' since about Friday but they still haven't shipped mine!
  13. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    very very good with an awesome cover.
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    My copy turned up in the post from Amazon day. Really enjoyable in an indie electro soundscape way. New Order is probably the most obvious reference point, though there's Cut Copy and Orbital in there too. I can't see them being a mainstream success though - there's little in the way of radio-friendly single material here that hasn't already been released. Could be wrong though.
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    Picked up a copy today in Tesco. Seems all the supermarkets are stocking it, quite highly in their store charts as well, which should help them break through.

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    The timing is certainly perfect to pick up album sales on the back of the BBC Sound of 2010 placing. And on another listen, Halcyon is really growing on me as a potential single. Looks like there's a video for it already on iTunes too.
  17. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    Got my copy yesterday and I love it. It's exactly the kind of 'guitar' music I like. While I agree that there isn't much in the way of hit singles on it I still find myself coming back to it again and again. It's quite addictive. A good start to the year.
  18. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    Well, this is very good indeed.
    There aren't any songs that scream out to be singles, but then as a whole the album is a great listen. I really like the title track actually, and of course Doubt. I think Halycon, if any, could be a single.
  19. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    I'm a big fan of Submission. Not sure if it would make a single, though.
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