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Delphic - Acolyte

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. New video for Halcyon here.

  2. I really like that. I love the song as well.
    After more listens I am really liking this album. I am really liking the title track at the moment, but I never really listen to just one song from the album, I have to listen to the album in one go. I think thats probably because the songs don't have as much impact alone as they within the context of the whole album.

    The chorus for Doubt always pops into my head, just the 'Doooooubt' but mainly.
  3. I'm the same. I tend to listen to the whole thing as it just works really well as an album. In this time of picking and choices tracks it's nice to have an album that does work so well altogether.
  4. LOVELOVELOVE this album.

    This and the Groove Armada album are the only two great albums released so far this year. (Sorry Hot Chip..)
  5. Re: Delphic - Acolyte (Out Jan. 11)

    Mee too, I love it and I love the whole album.
  6. Halcyon is officially on BBC One's C-List as of 10 February - fantastic.

    I know Doubt made it to the B-List at least, I'm not from the UK so I'm guessing it wasn't playing on other commercial stations, hence the absolutely absymal chart rank of #79?
  7. I don't know. But I hope they perform Halcyon on TV!!!
  8. RJF


    I saw them live last month and they were very, very good. Even after everyone got evacuated one song in due to the fire alarm going off. But it didn't effect anything afterwards and they still played the entire set (Only missing out "Remain", and "Ephemera". The latter for obvious reasons.). "Counterpoint" and the closer, "Acolyte" were amazing live.

    Also, my copy from Play was signed! Awesome.

    It's a really good album. Probably one of the best so far this year - I love the chorus to "Counterpoint" and the instrumental to "Red Lights" is a thing of beauty.
  9. I totally agree with you, but then I think this is the only new album I've been interested in so far this year so I need to give it before longer yet!
  10. Submission for next single please!!!
  11. Absolutely in love with this album, it's amazing! Halcyon is the perfect single, and great follow up to Doubt. New Order are probably in my top 3 fave bands ever so to see someone new come along that bears so much of their sound is like heaven.

    Agreed with those loving Submission, one of the standouts from the album.
  12. all the artwork on their releases are just so pretty, makes me wanna buy them.
  13. They covered Cheryl's 3 Words in the Live Lounge today. Actually amazing.
  14. I listened to the album, wrote off the album, found myself really enjoying Halcyon on the radio so I might have to give it another whirl...
  15. Submission is awesome. I hope it gets a single release. The album has really grown on me and I love it so much, I could listen to it at one go and either bop to it or just do my work while it plays in the background.

    I hope Halcyon does well, better than Doubt at least... top 40 seems a bit of a long shot though :/
  16. Apparently a Counterpoint re-release is lined up next.
  17. I'm not generally a fan of re-releasing the buzz singles but in Delphic's case, I think that's a wise idea. "Counterpoint" is their most upbeat, summery track and possibly their best chance of getting some wider airplay. That said, it would probably need butchered down to a radio edit, which would be a shame.
  18. This has just been confirmed on the bands Twitter.
  19. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Bought this at the weekend - like but don't love yet. I just keep hearing Fischerspooner (This Momentary is basically a rip-off of several tracks from 'Odyssey') but that's not a bad thing.
  20. Ooh, a freshly recorded version even! They'd better include a CD single this time or else!!
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