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Delphic - Acolyte

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. They've signed a US deal; Acolyte will be out here in June with zero bonus material. (Of course.)

    Love the album, it is really such a solid work. I do wish they were doing better.
  2. This album got old quickly.
  3. I think the opposite.
    I come back to this one quite often. One of my favourites of the year so far.

    It's just a shame that now everytime I hear Halcyon I think of a Samsung Monte.
  4. I agree that's it gets old quickly, but it's a great album. That's why I only to listen to it occasionally.
  5. Again, not even top 100 for Counterpoint (Tim Goldsworthy edit).

    Not that I'm surprised or anything (and anyway I prefer the original version), but ugh. Should I expect these guys to be signed for a 2nd album?
  6. They did give it away free on their website; I guess they weren't expecting much. It didn't seem to drive album sales at all, though.
  7. I've only had this album for a couple of weeks and only really started paying it any attention about a week ago, but I absolutely adore it, it's lovely. I think 'Red Lights' would make a great single, and could probably be cut down to 3-4 minutes fairly easily. This could well be a contender for one of the best albums of the year so far!
  8. Yeah, even Halcyon as amazingly as it did (#143) nudged Acolyte into the Top 100 for a week or 2. Lower 70s, but still. I'm surprised they've been allowed to release as many singles as they have.
  9. Will there be another single or are they done with the 1st album?
  10. Beautiful cover artwork. Inspired me to buy it on vinyl. I don’t play it that often but I love to look at it.
  11. Doesn't seem like there'll be any more singles. They don't have any more music videos produced (besides the abortion that was the beatless version of Remain, and they'd really do good not to release that), and given how little they've done on the charts I doubt more singles will be commissioned.

    I really wish they could do well on the charts, but maybe from now on it's better we regard them as another Modular band (not that there's anything wrong with that) than the 'sound of 2010'. James said in an interview once that they hope to have new material (tracks) out by end '10 or '11, but I'm not sure how that holds up now.

    I'm going to see them on Wednesday though, heard they're phenomenal live. Excited. Maybe they should've carried that more intense club-friendly atmosphere into their album instead of making it airier and lighter.
  12. Seeing thid thread inspired me to listen to this album again a few months after my last listen and I'd forgotten just how good it is. Deserved to do so much better.
  13. I admit I have found some tracks on their debut at least a bit boring.
    But I reckon it's full of hidden treasures!!! I don't think the album went bad, at least when it was released. I remember the hype following the Sound of 2010 and I think "Doubt" is still some sort of hit in the indie/electro scene.
  14. Well, seeing as albums sales aren't going to keep this band afloat we're seeing them live a lot instead. They push the dance angle harder in their stage act, I think the compensate for the weakness in their male lead singer. It still makes for a pretty damn good live musical experience. Any news on some new tunes?
  15. I noticed "Clarion Call" crop up on a new compilation of instrumentals, which includes a few upcoming singles from other artists on it as well as a lot of recent releases. I haven't heard any whispers of this being a single - or of any further singles from the album - so this may just be a random track.
  16. Love this.

    Acolyte is a brilliant album and they were fantastic when I saw them first time round. It feels like ages since then though, glad to have them back!
  17. I highly approve of this.
  18. So different from Acolyte's sound, but still really good! If I didn't recognise the singer's voice I wouldn't have guessed this was even by Delphic.
  19. It's so gooood!!!!!!!
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