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Delta Goodrem - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by neonknives, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. What is the difference in ‘brand perception’ between her & Kylie in Australia?

    In what way do Australians perceive them as separate entities?
  2. Australia likes to think that Kylie thinks she's too good for us, so when she does visit Australia they make a big hubbub about it like "Oh look, the British traitor has finally graced us with her presence". And then she stays here for longer than 2 days and Australia is obsessed with her again and reporting on every single thing she's doing while here.

    After The Voice, Delta has got Australia split. 1/3 of the country are viciously supportive of her and very protective. The other 1/3 are disgustingly misogynistic, despise her and are all too willing to believe any rag that makes up a nasty rumour about her. Then the last third are swayed either way. If she does something "annoying" on The Voice, they will join the hater team, if she releases a bop like Wings, they will join the supporters.
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  3. I got the impression that Delta used to be a media darling but at some point they all decided to turn on her and attack for everything she did a la the current media with Taylor.
  4. Yeah, when she started dating Brian everything went to shit. Australia was all too happy to start calling her a scarlet woman and home wrecker. Then when DELTA dropped she wasn't dressing like an old lady anymore so the media was like "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR INNOCENT LITTLE DELTA?!" even though she was like 24 by that point.
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  5. Has Kerry Katona ever been on an Aus. TV Promo Tour promoting Anything, ever?
  6. It was the UK media that called her a home wrecker which literally stopped her UK career. Australia latched onto it in interviews.
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  7. Definitely not, most Aussies had no idea who she was. Australia just has the worst case of tall poppy syndrome I've ever seen. Delta started making headlines for dating people (like Mark Philippoussis & Brian McFadden) and the media just soured on her. They realised they got more hits for trashing her than they did for supporting her.
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  8. I’m hearing a new album around June and also a Newton-John covers album. Stay tuned.
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  9. New music teased by our queen on insta this morning. Seems like it’s coming soon.

    Sounds different and I’m ready.
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  10. And here's the link - looks like she's gone brunette:

  11. Omg new music and it hasn't even been 2 years yet...

    What's up with her?!
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  12. New Delta is always welcome. This is such a quick turnaround for her.
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  13. We need new Delta music now! "Wings" seems like a millenium ago.
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  14. Wings was such a moment for me, I’m more than here for new music.

    As well as a public apology for paying dust to Feline.
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  15. She's been working with Andreas Carlsson (Born To Make You Happy, I Want It That Way, Waking Up In Vegas):
  16. Excited at the prospect of new music so soon after Wings of the Wild!
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  17. How exciting!
    Maybe we will get the Wings of the Wild Tour DVD soon as well?!
  18. It’ll just be a single and then she’ll fuck off for another two years.
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  19. I assume she filmed it then? I'd love a new DVD from her - my Delta one is incredibly overplayed.
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  20. BTG


    I mean, yas, new music but also the possibility of Delta covering Olivia's Twist of Fate? Scalp me.
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