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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by neonknives, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Child of the Universe is an incredible album, especially for being 17 songs long. I've been revisiting it this weekend.

    Edited to say 'No Communication' is better than any Big Pop Girls' recent lead singles. She's so underrated it hurts.
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  2. It was definitely filmed for release. I don't know what the hold up with it is honestly, all that has surfaced was the Memory performance on her YouTube, that's it.
  3. She’s added another clip:

    I feel a Better the Devil You Know - image reinvention coming on!
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  4. This is sounding very different so far, and I'm perched.
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  5. When she got close to the camera, she legit looked like Innocent Eyes era.

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  6. Oooh she’s feeling her oats this era?
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  7. I am absolutely loving where this is going...

  8. It's cool that we're getting our first Brunetta-Delta era since Mistaken Identity! I know that doesn't mean anything, but it's something different and I'm excited.
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  9. I still can't get over how quickly this is happening.

    I hope it's not like last time where the lead single is out a year before the album.
  10. A lot of people think the missing word is Naked!

    Her Rhythm of Love is coming!!
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  11. The Voice is starting soon so I feel like this will be another Only Human/Wings/Heart Hypnotic situation where they just want a song out to coincide with the promo opportunity rather than having the album complete already.
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  12. Damn, you're probably right. I look forward to the album in 2020 in that case.
  13. Not Ms. Goodrem snatching my wig like this on a Tuesday morning.

    I’m ready. I was listening to Delta the other day and Brave Face and Possessionless still absolutely slay me.
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  14. Think About You sounds great so far. Really fresh. I'm stoked.

    Wings of the Wild was a big step back from Child of the Universe in quality so I'm hoping she's ready to push herself again and that the beige ballads won't make the cut this time.
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  15. Does anyone know why Mistaken Identity isn’t on Apple Music in the UK? I’ve had to rip my CD instead (the inconvenience of it all!) which is fine, but just seems a bit odd?
  16. Wings Of The Wild came out July 2016, so a new album arriving soon wouldn't be a shock. Time does seem to move bloody fast these days though!
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  17. A new Delta album arriving after less than 2 years would most definitely be a shock!
  18. Kerry Katona put a complaint in.
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  19. Think About You is out this Friday!!!

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